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LG Commercial Laundry solutions

LG is the global leader in laundry solutions, with around 14 million washers manufactured per year. LG Commercial Laundry is their business solution for customers needing quicker cycle times, higher turns per day and features previously reserved for only industrial products.

Richard Jay is the sole direct importer for LG Commercial Laundry in Australia and their fourth largest distributor globally. We’re proud to be one of the early adopters of LG’s commercial laundry products, adding their full range shortly after launching the new range of purpose-built commercial washers and dryers. We have seen continuous investment and innovation over more than 10 years of working together, with a positive effect in net sales growth every year.

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LG Commercial 10KG and 15KG Washers

Our most popular selling washer models are LG’s Commercial 10 and 15KG Washers. Not only do they offer incredible value – they also offer first class features and LG is a brand who continuously pushes the game forward.

Space saving stack washer/dryer models are the most popular in the offering. Not only do they have the smallest footprint in class, the washer and dryer are separate machines – meaning they can be upgraded separately to minimise long term replacement costs.

Direct drive

The direct drive motor sets LG apart from competitors who are still using belt/pulley systems. LG’s washers are the quietest in the market and also experience less vibration, with a more controlled drum movement.

Twin spray

A Twin Spray pump located under the drain pump cavity recirculates water back into the drum, quickening saturation times and reducing SUDS issues that plague competitor pump-out washers. In conjunction with Twin Spray, the Atomising Spray feature sprays clean water into the door below and keeps the door-seal clean and hygienic.


The accelerometer located on the outer drum manages vibration and quickens cycle times. Competitor machines without this feature can take many more minutes to rebalance a load or, if too imbalanced, not extract.


Wifi-enabled with no monthly subscription cost, this model allows owners to change pricing and create promotions remotely – driving better analytics to allow investors to run their businesses remotely.

Titled drum

The 10 degree tilted drum reduces water consumption and helps clean with less – driving up profits, while ensuring a sustainable solution for laundry.

LG Commercial 10KG and 15KG dryers

Our best selling 10KG and 15KG combos are stack washer/dryers that save space and drive up installed pockets in small laundry rooms.

The dryer doors are reversible to suit the installation and ensure the best ergonomics.

Reversible dryer doors

The dryer doors are reversible to suit the installation and ensure the best ergonomics.

Moisture sensor

SenseDry uses a moisture sensor in OPL models to stop when the load is dry, saving time and reducing energy usage.

Drum durability

Titan 15KG commercial dryers include a stainless steel drum for added durability and hygiene.

Four-point roller system

Our four-point roller support system ensures equipment is reliable and maintenance is minimised. Along with the low cost of spare parts, our LG commercial equipment has the lowest total cost of ownership.

Stack or single?

We’re often asked whether single or stack equipment is better. If space is an issue, then stack is certainly a great choice.

However, if there’s enough space, single allows simpler maintenance and reduces rear service area space requirements.

Gas or electric dryers?

Gas has a faster dry time due to the higher thermal input, however it needs a gas plumber to install the gas line and connect, along with custom ducting that’s signed off by a qualified professional.

Electric is cheaper to install, however has a longer cycle time and requires either a 20A plug for the 10KG dryer, or 30A hard-wired connection for the 15KG dryer.

When looking at the run cost, gas is currently much lower to run when compared to electric, at today’s rates, it actually costs 3 times less to run gas dryers.

Where can I buy LG Commercial 10KG and 15KG dryers

If you are looking for innovative and reliable commercial laundry solutions, then look no further than LG Commercial Laundry for your business needs. At Richard Jay we keep stock in every state and are able to deliver within a short time period.

Contact our friendly sales team today to find out how we can improve your laundry experience and delight your customers.