Commercial automatic
towel folders

Enjoy effortless uniformity and
maximum labour efficiency

Your laundry’s secret weapon

Commercial laundries handling a high volume of towels understand the critical role that efficiency plays in their operations – the integration of a towel folder can significantly streamline and automate the folding and stacking process, reducing labour requirements and enhancing overall productivity. For laundries processing hundreds of towels per hour, a towel folder really does stand out as an indispensable asset.

stack of folded towels

Introducing the best automated towel folder –
the TTF200

The automation capabilities of the the TTF200 not only expedite the folding process, but also ensure a consistent and uniform finish – something that’s crucial in industries where quality and speed are paramount.

Technical Specifications

Number of folding lanes: 3/ optional 4
Motor: 1,5 kW
Folding number: 2 x 2
Minimum towel size: 450 x 600 mm
Weight: 1100 kg
Maximum towel size: 1200 x 2000 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1500 x 3920 x 1520 mm

Benefits of the TTF200


Simple and easy-to-use screens for data entry and follow-up processes.


 Innovative technology

Enjoy fast and easy set-up of programs via USB ports on the machines.



A flat-pack delivery conveyer transfers the folded towels to the packing station.