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A cost-effective agreement including equipment +
service breakdown

Capital Plus from Richard Jay gives you access to brand-new machinery as well as breakdown servicing for one regular monthly payment, over a 5-to-8 year contract.

Service includes:

capital plus services

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Partners in high standards

Every time customers notice your attention to detail and commitment to excellence, it creates a connection that elevates your brand.

Freshly washed linen and gleaming crystal become synonymous to your first-class service.

At Richard Jay, we understand how vital it is to look the part. Our team is devoted to helping you maintain these ideals with our industry-leading laundry equipment and services, and dishwashing solutions.

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Brighter days for vulnerable Australians

In line with our commitment to community, we are proud to provide commercial washing machines and dryers as a founding sponsor of Orange Sky mobile laundry service. With 29 vans and counting, Orange Sky provides clean clothes and conversation for Australians experiencing homelessness with a platform for every day Australians to connect through a regular laundry and shower service.

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