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Laundry and dishwashing solutions for hotels, motels, holiday camps and more

Richard Jay knows every accommodation provider requires a constant supply of clean sheets, fresh towels and clean dishes run their business effectively. Designing high-performing, energy efficient laundry and dishwashing solutions for hospitality clients has been integral to our family business for decades.

We know what’s important

At Richard Jay, our experts understand your accommodation priorities in terms of minimising your carbon footprint and keeping utility bills down – without compromising on impeccable performance and durability. Our laundry and dishwashing models are carefully selected to tick all the boxes.

Commercial grade and pay-per-use laundry machinery technology from the world’s leading manufacturers

From caravan parks with communal laundries to large hotel chains needing industrial-capacity machinery, Richard Jay gives you the very best in laundry.

Partner with us for competitive pricing, the industry’s best After Sales support and Australia’s largest inventory of spare parts. Whatever type of part you need, Richard Jay will either have it in stock or can source it ASAP. We’re proud to offer Australia’s largest inventory of spare parts for commercial laundry and warewashing machinery equipment from a wide range of leading manufacturers.

Line 6000 Evolution Barrier Washers

Our new Barrier Washer range, the first to gain ergonomic certification, eases the strain, boosting productivity significantly. Naturally hygiene always takes first place. Laundry is your business, meeting your needs is ours; not just today but for years to come.

Leaders in Ergonomic Certification
Our Barrier Washers have earned the prestigious 4-star rating for ergonomics, an international certification. This means they have been usertested to make sure your operators will feel reduced tension and strain, so they—and your business—can thrive.

Enhanced usability, superior safety
Every innovation is aimed at improving usability, easing the workload and enhancing safety. One example is our new ergonomic door, which now features an automated locking system for improved handling.

Germ-free hygiene without compromise
Our cutting-edge barrier systems guarantee maximum hygiene at every stage of the laundry process, providing round-the-clock peace of mind.

Electrolux Professional Line 5000

The Electrolux Line 5000 range has been developed for a variety of professional requirements, from self-service to catering to industry, from health care providers to commercial laundries.

Developed through analysis of the needs and challenges of laundry operators across the globe, the Electrolux Line 5000 has also been honored with HACCP International Certification. HACCP International is a leading food science organisation specialising in the assessment and certification of equipment, materials and services used by the food industry. Download more info on HACCP here.

Local laundry stockists and support

Our family-owned business is the only supplier in the laundry industry with a truly national footprint.

With warehouses and technicians from coast to coast, we alone are equipped to meet the hospitality industry’s needs locally and immediately.

Flexible finance solutions are available with all Richard Jay solutions, including our all-inclusive subscription service JayWay and a tailored Capital Plus agreement.

JayWay CapitalPlus

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Cairns Hilton | Laundry

Rated 5 out of 5

Garry Marsh, Asset Manager

Cairns Hilton

Charbonnier Motel Singleton

Rated 5 out of 5

Alan Pigott, Manager

Charbonnier Motel Singleton

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