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Cashless or coin-op laundry systems

However your customers prefer to pay, Richard Jay can equip your laundry with a system to suit.

Simple & secure commercial laundry payment systems

Your commercial laundry can be made 100% cashless, coin-operated, token-operated or a mix of payment technology systems with solutions from Richard Jay. Whatever you choose, it can easily be fitted to all commercial machinery brands, including Maytag, LG and Electrolux models.

These pay-per-use technology payment systems from Richard Jay are ideal for laundromats, universities, student housing, tourist parks, hostels, hotels or motels. Set-up is simple and there is no app to download.

Quick cashless payments for your laundry machinery

Make life easier for your customers and increase revenue with e-CleanPay cashless technology by Richard Jay. Powered by PayPont Australia, e-CleanPay has a super-fast transaction processing time via smartphone using Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. There are no lock-in contracts, no account set-up and no need to register. Check out our preview video here.

Our super-simple e-CleanPay plan includes a range of business benefits such as customer insights, real-time alerts, cash tracking, remote-start functionality, transparent transaction fees and no hidden charges.

Everything you need to go cashless

Your e-CleanPay system also includes a customised website with your branding and machine signage. We’ll connect your machines to the payment platform and you’ll receive daily, weekly and monthly revenue reports.

Activate cashless payments across any mix of old and new machines from different manufacturers while offering a consistent customer experience from a single storefront.

Choose from tap ’n’ go or smartphone payment options for your washers and dryers

No one knows your customer base better than you do. Decide based on how your customers prefer to pay or have our laundry experts advise you. e-CleanPay for smartphone accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. e-CleanPay tap ‘n’ go accepts Visa, Mastercard, G Pay, Apple Pay or card swipe and includes automatic settlement of card payments to your nominated bank account within 48 hours and automatic tax receipts for the user. The system accepts EMV international chip cards and provides access for your laundry staff if required.

Go cashless on your laundry machines with KIOSK

With KIOSK, you can drive down costs of installing multiple expensive PayWave readers. It’s a storewide solution that’s seamless and easy to use for everyone who comes in contact with it. Funds are settled directly to your bank account, with no need to set up a merchant account.

NAYAX Cashless Payment System

A complete NAYAX M2M telemetry and cashless payment solution ideally suited for unattended machines in multiple markets.

One device that accepts all cashless payments and transmits data in real time.

Laundromat Sydney
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Mobile and NFC Payments
  • Prepaid cards and closed environment solutions
  • Swipe, contact and contactless
  • QR codes

Perfect for coin laundries

Richard Jay are proud to supply Australian designed and manufactured Currency Vending Machines and Operating Systems to the Coin Laundry industry. Contact one of our Laundry Consultants today to learn how these machines really can increase your turnover.

Adelaide Laundromats video testimonial | Laundry

In this video testimonial Cosimo Coscia, owner of Adelaide Laundromats, speaks about their Laundry experiences in the Laundromat industry using Electrolux Professional machines and a cashless payment system from Richard Jay.

Read more about the Laundromat industry here.

Make payments simple for your customers and increase revenue. Explore options with our experts.

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