Cashless Payment Solutions

However your customers prefer to pay,
Richard Jay can equip your laundry with a
system to suit.

Simple & secure commercial laundry payment systems

Your commercial laundry can be made 100% cashless systems, coin-operated, token-operated or a mix of payment technology systems with solutions from Richard Jay. Whatever you choose, it can easily be fitted to our stocked LG & Electrolux vend models during predelivery.

These pay-per-use technology payment systems from Richard Jay are ideal for laundromats, universities, student housing, tourist parks, hostels, hotels or motels.


This innovative tap payment offers a simple, ergonomic solution at the point of use. Having a tap payment terminal physically mounted next to the control of each machine streamlines the process and optimises the customer experience. Nayax also offers the lowest cost solution per transaction, driving profits up and costs down.


  • Australia’s leading unattended cashless provider with massive global presence, international King of unattended payments.
  • Payment at point of use for simple user experience.
  • Lowest transaction costs.
  • Prepaid cards and fobs.


Eliminate the need for cash by installing Bubblepay, an Australia Kiosk payment solution which can be used on both washer and dryers. Suitable for all card types and major payment options, Bubblepay offers laundromat customers the ease of navigating the payment process with just a few taps. Bubblepay offers the best in class analytics and low transaction costs.


  • Australia’s first Kiosk payment solution provider dedicated to laundry. Designed and founded by an Australia business.
  • Centralised Kiosk payment with a 32 inch screen.
  • Low transaction costs with lowest ongoing support costs for large stores.
  • Advanced analytics for the ultimate ownership experience.
  • Promotions and loyalty options.


An Australian payment solution which brings a new experience to vend stores. Tangerpay payment solutions, available through kiosks and mobile devices, enhance customer satisfaction and cater to a diverse demographic. Exclusively designed for laundries, this payment solution seamlessly transitions from cash to cashless, accommodating both mobile and kiosk payments.


  • Australia’s first mobile payment provider for laundry. Designed and founded by an Australia business.
  • Centralised Kiosk payment for a great customer experience
  • Mobile payment for our most affordable upfront cashless payment solution.
  • Promotions and loyalty options.
  • Text messaging for end of cycle notifications.

Make payments simple for your customers and increase revenue. Explore options with our experts.

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