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We proudly offer a range of dispensing solutions that change the way our clients think about dispensing chemicals and machine optimisation.


Brightwell industrial and commercial dispensers

Richard Jay partners with Brightwell in the UK to supply advanced dispensing solutions for laundry dosing, warewashing dosing, washroom (soap & paper dispensing) and proportioning (chemical dilution).

Based in the UK, with 95% of all components produced in-house, Brightwell Dispensers have always been proud to be a successful business driven by values. Brightwell Dispensers primary focus is on providing world leading chemical dispensing solutions of the highest quality, environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and providing a global network of support.

Laundry (chemical) dispensing solutions

The collection of laundry dosing systems has been created for hard-working commercial environments and offer the most reliable, easy-to-use and resilient models on the market today.

In addition to the units, Brightwell Dispensers also supply accessories to assist the installation of their laundry dosing units.

Commercial dishwasher detergent dispensers

Brightwell has released ‘Quantura’, a dual-peristaltic dishwash pump aimed at the global market.

This compact and intuitive 2 product system comes packed with premium features at a price-point to suit all budgets.

Professional soap and paper dispensers

The washroom dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, hospitals, light industrial workplaces, motorway services and there is even a collection for more luxury environments, such as executive offices, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Chemical dispensers

Eco-friendly chemical diluting and dosing systems that cover most environments in the industry. With the Brightwell core values in mind, Brightwell Dispensers has extended their ECO dispensing product range to include ECOmulti dilution systems, an accurate, robust and easy to use venturi for use with 2-5 chemicals which allows you to create an ideal mixing station in any environment

Commercial wet wipes dispensers

Our quality wet wipe range encourages cleanliness and hand hygiene while eliminating the need for messy sprays and cleaning cloths where bacteria can breed. JayWipes are designed for use in conjunction with wall-mounted Brightwell dispensers. The theft-proof dispensers keep JayWipes moist and free from contamination, allowing for easy, one-handed access.

Adelaide Laundromats video testimonial | Laundry

In this video testimonial Cosimo Coscia, owner of Adelaide Laundromats, speaks about their Laundry experiences in the Laundromat industry using laundry solutions from Richard Jay.

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