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Dependable laundry solutions for
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Dependable Laundry Solutions for Correctional Facilities

Given the demanding nature of correctional facilities and limited access by inmates and personnel to the laundry, laundry equipment must be exceptionally reliable to minimise downtime and reduce attendances by technicians.

We supply hundreds of LG 10KG commercial stacked washer-dryer combos to resident blocks. These units are specifically designed for inmate laundry, typically used once a week by each prisoner. The stacked design optimises space utilisation and ensures simple operation.

We also supply several correctional facilities with large industrial laundry equipment for bulk washing linens and towels. Many of these sites also offer laundry services to businesses in the area, transforming a cost centre into a profit centre. These laundries typically opt for Electrolux or Tolon 60 KG washers & dryers, often accompanied by a large ironer to process linens directly from the washer without pre-drying.


Labour is typically provided by the inmates at a much lower cost, eliminating the need for automated laundry systems in prisons. Instead, high-capacity, robust equipment with minimal maintenance requirements is preferred.


Shorter shifts are common in correctional facilities. To maintain productivity,  we calculate machine production based on fewer turns per day, necessitating larger equipment to handle the required volumes.

We also recommend steam-heated washers for faster cycle times and to reduce the fusing requirement for large equipment. Steam washers can generally reach operating  temperature within 3 minutes, compared to 7 to 10 minutes for electrically heated washers.

Gas vs Electric Heat

Electrically heated LG dryers are preferred in the resident blocks due to their simplified installation, requiring only a 20amp plug.

For large production centers, gas-heated Electrolux dryers offer the quickest cycle times, lowest maintenance and most cost-effective heat generation, making them the most popular choice. Operating a gas dryer typically costs 60% less than electric heat dryers to run.


Safety is paramount in correctional facilities. We supply sealed equipment that is difficult to access without professional tooling, preventing dangerous goods from becoming available for inmate use.

Asset Management

We understand that commercial equipment is designed to last 10’000 cycles and industrial equipment is designed to last 30’000 cycles, making effective asset management and maintenance cruicial for maximising equipment lifespan.

Every machine sold by Richard Jay is allocated an asset number, with all call outs and repairs meticulously recorded. This information is readily accessible to the facility when needed.

We recommend service level agreements with all of our customers. This preventative maintenance approach allows us to keep equipment running at peak efficiency, while identifying potential issues before they become costly repairs.


We offer a wide range of products and solutions for correctional facilities.

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