Solutions For Mining & Transport

Providing laundry, warewashing and chemical dispensing solutions across Australia

Hard-wearing equipment & accessories

Richard Jay provides high-performing, durable washers, dryers and warewashers for regional mining sites with staff living quarters.

Suitable for hard water and harsh conditions, our solutions are selected to meet energy efficiency guidelines, disinfection standards and water-wise criteria. Investing in commercial-capacity machinery saves time and resources, ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of your staff as they perform their duties.

Australia’s largest inventory of spare parts

We have in stock spare parts from all leading brands, including Electrolux, Maytag and LG. If you require a specific spare part for your commercial laundry or warewashing machinery, get in touch with our After Sales team.

Serving regional Australia

No matter how remote your mining camp or transport depot is, the Richard Jay team provides the support you need.

Remote technical back up via training, phone or video is important as most sites are in remote areas. We are the only truly national provider in the commercial laundry industry with warehouses and offices in every state.

Our experts can recommend design layouts and connect you with services ideal for your site.

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