Preventative maintenance

Optimise performance, maintain hygiene
and safety standards and extend the life
of your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance - for optimum performance and equipment longevity

Like the family car, your commercial laundry and warewashing equipment requires a little TLC from time to time to keep it running well. Preventative maintenance on your machinery is vital to maximise performance, extend the life of your equipment, comply with Australian laundry standards and avoid potentially life-threatening incidents.

A Preventative Maintenance Agreement from Richard Jay is tailored to your business’s requirements and wash frequency. A PMA can be drawn up when you purchase your equipment (recommended) or at a later date.

PMA visits include

  • Component checks
  • Maintenance operation checks
  • Health and safety checks
  • Discussing equipment operation & condition
  • Verify hygiene programs

Why choose a PMA over breakdown repair servicing?

  • Preventative maintenance proactively protects your capital investment.
  • Preventative maintenance extends the life of your machinery.
  • Preventative maintenance reduces machinery downtime and associated costs by intercepting issues.
  • Preventative maintenance meets your compliance obligations under the Australian laundry standards AS/NZS 4146:2000, which state that preventative maintenance systems must be in place to ensure correct and safe operation of all plant and equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance may reduce your utility bills by optimising the performance of your machine.
  • Preventative maintenance gives you peace of mind because you know your equipment will always be taken care of without you having to remember to book a service.

Need preventative servicing?

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