Ensuring a clean and healthy environment is paramount in any childcare centre.

Ensuring optimal wash quality

Childcare centres have needs that are both similar and different to other sectors we supply. A common requirement is that towels, mops and microfiber cloths are washed together and need to be disinfected according to Australian standards (65C for 10 minutes or 71C for three minutes). However, unlike other applications, childcare centres often have many small loads that need to be laundered separately due to spills during meals or other accidents. Wash quality is critical for every load, and these loads are typically heavily soiled, so selecting a washer with heating and programmable cycles is essential in order to maintain hygiene standards.

Speed and efficiency

Unlike domestic machines, commercial and industrial equipment excel at fast turnaround times. They wash a full load in 30 to 60 minutes and dry the load in a similar time. Heat pump dryers offer a 35 minute dry time, whereas domestic heat pump dryers deliver dry items in around 120 minutes. Fast turnaround times allow for many cycles to be completed throughout the day, ensuring emergencies can be promptly managed.

Maximum reliability

Our commercial range is designed to last 10,000 cycles (4 cycles per day for 7 years) and our industrial equipment for 30,000 cycles (8 cycles per day for 10 years). This durability ensures the equipment is suitable for high-usage applications and is very different to residential machines, which typically only last 3,000 cycles (eight years with one cycle per day).

Space-saving options

Most childcare centres are limited on space, and our most popular models are the stackable washer and dryer combos or the under-counter washers and dryers. Both of these options allow you to optimise your laundry area without sacrificing efficiency, and we have a wide variety in stock ready for fast delivery.

Resource efficiency

We understand the importance of conserving Australia’s precious resources. That’s why we only supply highly efficient equipment that minimises water, energy, and chemical consumption. If you’re looking for a sustainable option, we have multiple solutions to help you meet your targets, including heat pump dryers which reduce energy consumption by up to 60 percent compared to traditional ducted models.

Choose from a range of models

We have a wide range of products available, but three solutions are particularly popular.

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