Centralised laundries

Richard Jay provides full laundry solutions
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Built To Last

We understand the demands on equipment in centralised laundries, with many facilities running multiple shifts per day and processing up to 500KG per hour before they move to Continuous Batch Washers (CBW), which can process up to 1000KG per CBW per hour.

Our carefully selected equipment range for this sector is designed to last with low maintenance costs, run efficiently & provide exceptional wash results.

The Power of Automation

Labour costs are the highest ongoing cost in centralised laundries, so we understand how important it is to maximise efficiencies and automate.

Without CBW’s, automating the washroom is impossible. However facilities are only able make this investment once production requirements move north of 500KG per hour. So generally small to medium centralised laundries start with Electrolux or Tolon washers / dryers, then move up to CBW’s once production justifies.

Flatwork automation is available from 50 to 1000KG per hour. We have various suppliers that are able to cater to all flatwork requirements. These are built on order, tailored to the facility’s linen requirements and unique workflow.

Towel automation is done with our Tolon towel folder model TTF200, capable of 900 to 1250 towels per hour. Due to demand, we keep this product in stock and normally have it available with quick turnaround times.

Dedicated to Exceptional Wash Results

At Richard Jay, our goal is not only to offer the best equipment tailored to your needs but also to deliver a comprehensive laundry solution that goes above and beyond your expectations.

We know it’s critical to deliver outstanding wash results, that’s why we have invested in in-house chemical manufacturing and distribution, along with market leading service. We are the only supplier offering equipment and in-house chemical manufacturing in Australia, so we are fully responsible and invested in achieving the best possible wash results for your business.

Our JayChem Team utilises the latest in chemical dosing systems, which is managed remotely through our innovative JayCloud platform. This helps us identify issues early and allows us to make instant changes to keep you delivering on your promises to your customers.

Achieving Australian Standards

Our team has in-depth knowledge of Australian standards, making us the best choice for ensuring your facility’s compliance and the safety of your customers.

All centralised facilities require industrial washers with electric or steam heating to meet thermal disinfection, which is achieved if you wash at 65C for 10 minutes or 71C for 3 minutes.

JayCloud is our advanced remote chemical management solution, which allows us to record and validate thermal disinfection, both critical in achieving above standards.


Commercial laundries are often washing either customer-owned goods or offering linen rental. Customer-owned goods require separation and smaller equipment to manage work flows, however linen rental allows batch washing and simplification of the laundry process. The negative of linen rental is the capital outlay, which is a massive consideration for new businesses and places high stress on cashflows.

Our most popular commercial laundry set are models W4600H / TD6-60G, generally processing 50KG per load and allowing a nice balance of either customer-owned goods or linen rental options.

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