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Give your wares a spotless wash

Richard Jay stocks premium glasswashers, undercounter & hood type dishwashers from Electrolux Professional. Electrolux Professional is synonymous with global competence in technology, design, manufacturing and service, delivering the benefits of efficiency, reliability and economical operations.

Each machine is designed for ultimate usability, cost savings and performance – ideal for businesses of all sizes with ongoing warewashing requirements.

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Achieve sanitation at speed

With a wash cycle duration of three minutes or less, Electrolux Professional machines can wash up to 30 racks per hour. Glasswasher PNC 402319 is also fitted with a cold rinse feature which ensures your dishes and glasses are always glistening and ready for use immediately after washing. With rapid turnover, you can get more use out of each rack, save money on tableware, glasses and cutlery, and provide faster, more efficient customer service.

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Cut down environmental waste

The Electrolux Professional machines we stock include several adaptations designed to limit environmental impact. Each machine is designed to limit water usage to under four Litres per cycle and reuse rinse water during the wash stage, minimising water and detergent wastage and reducing the burden on the environment. The fully insulated double skin machine design of the Glasswasher PNC 402319, also reduces heat emissions, which is important in preventing global warming.

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Solutions you can trust

Given the heightened importance of protection against pathogens and viruses, states across Australia have mandated the use of professional dishwashers with rinse temperatures between 80 and 90ºC. With hydraulic systems featuring standard air gaps and rinse pumps, Electrolux warewashers maintain a constant rinse pressure and temperature of 84ºC. Each machine also features a temperature display for easy monitoring and end-of-cycle signals, guaranteeing a consistent rinse that protects your customers and staff.

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Get it right, every time

All of our warewashers are equipped with internal detergent and rinse aid pumps to ensure precise, consistent dosing. By minimising chemical usage in each wash, these automations save money and lengthen machine life. For best-in-class results, use in combination with the JayChem chemical range.

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Our range of warewashing



Racks per hour – Max 60
Cycle Time – 60 / 120 / 66 Seconds
Water usage per cycle – 2.3 litres
Wash temperature – 55 to 65C
Rinse temperature – 80 to 90C
Unpacked Dimensions – 46 x 57 x 82 cm
Weight – 40 KG

Model EL1GMS

Model EL1GMS

Racks per hour – Max 30
Cycle Time – 120 / 180 Seconds
Water usage per cycle – 3 litres
Wash temperature – 55 to 65C
Rinse temperature – 80 to 90C
Unpacked Dimensions – 60 x 65 x 82 cm
Weight – 60 KG

Model EHT8G

Model EHT8G

Racks Per Hour – Max 80
Cycle Time – 45 / 90 / 150 Seconds
Water Usage Per Cycle – 2 Litres
Wash Temperature – 55 to 65C
Rinse Temperature – 80 to 90C
Unpacked Dimensions – 67 x 76 x 155 cm
Weight – 106 KG