Clean smarter with

JayFlow microfibre products, deliver quick,
convenient and hygienic cleaning results.

Superior cleaning cloths & floor mop pads

Microfibre cleaning is ideal for all commercial industries, particularly those where hygiene is paramount. Widely used in the food-service industry, microfibre products are also accepted as best practice in the healthcare and aged care sectors due to their superior absorption and dirt-removal properties.

The JayFlow range of microfibre cloths and microfibre cloth heads for mops are high-quality, machine washable and last for up to 600 wash cycles.

Thanks to Electrolux Professional washers, your mops last longer. See our brochure ‘Professional 360° cleaning experience’ here.

Why move to microfibre?

Microfibre is a lightweight alternative to cotton and traditional cleaning fabrics that gives a vastly superior result. The tightly woven polyester and nylon fibres effectively traps dirt and dust via a static charge.

  • Removes more dirt and debris than regular cloths
  • Mopping with microfibre uses much less water
  • Requires minimal chemicals for a deep clean
  • Removes most surface bacteria just with plain water
  • Incredibly absorbent fabric
  • Very quick drying
  • Can be washed and reused hundreds of times
  • Lightweight material minimises the risk of back strain

Colour-coded cleaning

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