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Keep it clean with JayWipes

Our quality wet wipe range encourages cleanliness and hand disinfection while eliminating the need for messy sprays and cleaning cloths where bacteria can breed. JayWipes are designed for use in conjunction with wall-mounted Brightwell dispensers. The theft-proof dispensers keep JayWipes moist and free from contamination, allowing for easy, one-handed access.

JayWipes Hand & Surface
Infused with mild cleansers and antibacterial agents, this variant delivers waterless sanitising and deodorising of hands and surfaces.
Ideal for: Healthcare & aged care – Office & warehouse environments – Fitness centres & sporting facilities – Airports & shopping centres – Food service facilities

JayWipes Sensitive
Unscented, alcohol-free wipes to gently cleanse and moisturise sensitive
skin. This variant contains aloe vera to help prevent rashes and soothe tender skin. Suitable for use on infants and adults.
Ideal for: Childcare centres & schools – Sensitive skin – Facial use

Purehold antibacterial door handles

Now there’s a new way to practise hand disinfection as we go about our daily lives. Exclusive to Richard Jay, Purehold door handles kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact using silver ion technology and hand sanitiser. The handles effectively target E-coli, salmonella, streptococcus, staphyloccus and campylobacteur.

With mechanisms for every type of door, Purehold handles are ideal for the healthcare, aged care, education, hospitality and food processing industries. The Purehold range includes a gel-dispensing handle that sanitises hands on contact; a self-cleaning handle for PULL doors; a self-cleaning push plate for PUSH doors; and a self-cleaning handle cover for lever-operated doors.


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