The power of giving

As a family business where relationships are everything, we have strong ties to the communities we operate in.

Our community partnerships

Our support takes many forms and always ties in with our core belief that every Australian deserves clean sheets, clean dishes and clean clothes to wear.

For instance, we donate second-hand machinery to women’s shelters around Australia, knowing how those clean clothes and fresh sheets can make people feel that little bit better and brighter about the future.

Proudly supporting - Orange Sky

One of our proudest community collaborations is with Orange Sky – the world’s first free mobile laundry in a van for people experiencing homelessness.

Richard Jay partnered with Orange Sky as a founding sponsor in 2014, knowing what a difference freshly laundered clothes can make to a person’s day.

For this very special purpose, LG stepped in to equip Orange Sky with reliable washing machines built to handle anything. With a robust direct drive motor and superior water efficiency, LG washing machines deliver outstanding durability and brilliantly clean wash performance. Orange Sky often reports back about how crucial these hard-working LG machines have been to the cause, given how much washing the charity does each week.

Also supporting

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