Introducing CM2W (connect machines 2 web)

Slash costly maintenance and ensure
precise dosing from anywhere with our
exclusive remote monitoring system.

Reduce manual maintenance requirements by 90%

CM2W at Richard Jay is an advanced remote monitoring system intended for chemical distribution companies that maintain a network of dispensers.

It’s a simple add-on that reduces maintenance requirements by up to 90% and can easily be retro-fitted to any existing laundry or warewashing chemical installation.

How CM2W works

CM2W at Richard Jay reduces the need for manual maintenance via remote monitoring and adjustments you can make from anywhere. Dispensers are fitted with a flow meter that senses how much chemical is being dispensed (to the millilitre) and validates this to ensure precise chemical dosing with every wash cycle.

From your computer, you can see if a chemical is about to run out at any site or if there’s a breakdown. On top of reducing manual maintenance, this also optimises wash performance and reduces equipment wear and tear.

Essentially, the CM2W system communicates with the machines in your network, which in turn communicates with the dispensers and the chemicals. CM2W software collects data to create reports on how well your dispensers are working.

Targeting your No.1 concern

CM2W is ideal for companies that spend a lot of money sending technicians out to sites to diagnose service issues and equipment faults. With CM2W, you can keep an eye on your customers’ equipment from anywhere and pre-empt issues.

You can log in, see what the issue is and adjust anything dosing-related remotely within minutes. This helps distribution businesses maximise value and save significantly on maintenance costs.

Real benefits for you and your clients

Designed by dedicated software engineers, the CM2W platform is robust, intuitive and packed with useful features.

  • Cost savings from less downtime
    Remote monitoring means your clients don’t have to wait for a technician to come out and diagnose an issue, minimising disruption to their businesses.
  • Up to 90% less maintenance required
    Make adjustments and monitor performance remotely instead of having to go out to site.
  • Extend pump tube life by up to 50%
    Precise flow meter validation means that even when membrane or peristaltic pump tubes are wearing out, the right amount of chemical will still be dispensed.
  • Constant level of dosing guaranteed even with peristaltic pumps
    CM2W ensures this precise dosing with all types of pumps for optimised performance.
  • Access remote reporting
    CM2W software gives you a rundown of all laundry actions and cycles you run on the machine. You can log on to a particular site and access a full breakdown of all reports. See all programs to the exact millilitre and validate everything.Another report provides a bar graph showing all of the chemical consumption per chemical per day. This is great for troubleshooting because you can see issues with particular pumps and dosing, and make adjustments.

Key features for clients & equipment owners

  • Precise and instant chemical dosing
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Automatic pump calibration, self-diagnosing, precise and constant dosing automates that back process a little
  • Compatible with virtually any brand of dispensing system


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