Ironers and finishers to elevate your dry-cleaning business

For more than 50 years, Richard Jay has partnered with Australia’s dry cleaners and on-premise laundries to supply ironing and finishing equipment from the world’s leading brands.

Any experienced dry cleaner will tell you that these hard-working machines are an unsung asset of their on-site commercial laundry business. After all, they’re the most efficient, consistent way to lend a professional polish to a bulk quantity of garments.

Over the decades, our team of buyers and technicians have seen unbelievable technological advancements in ironers and finishers – today, they are virtually unrecognisable from the relics of old.

From roller and chest ironers, through to pneumatic presses and towel folders, Richard Jay stocks a huge range of ironers and finishers for every conceivable purpose.

The type of finishing equipment that’s right for your business depends on how much space you have and the volume of laundry you process.

For large businesses, we stock ergonomically-designed commercial and industrial irons and finishers. Featuring multiple fabric settings and high-pressure boilers, these machines are primed to improve operational efficiency and designed for up to eight hours of daily usage.

The Electrolux IC648 range of finishers is particularly popular for the superior results and cost savings it delivers. Featuring the patented Dubixium cylinder, which separates the pressure roller from the main belts, the machine is designed to increase contact surface area, optimise heat distribution and enhance processing efficiency.

Automatic feeding and folding capability is another key feature of the range, allowing for efficient operation by one person and minimising labour processing costs.

We also stock a range of finishers that are well-suited to small-to-medium enterprises with usage requirements of up to 12 Litres per hour. Our GMP models are prime examples, featuring long-wearing Tenax stainless steel spring padding for efficient, low-maintenance operation.

As a general guide, we’ve provided a rundown on our most popular new ironers and finishers below.





For help with selecting ironing and finishing equipment, give our sales team a call on 1300 742 427.