Introducing Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 barrier washers

What Electrolux Professional’s clients told them:
“I need high-performance, user-friendly laundry solutions that ensure optimal hygiene
and maximum productivity. Reliability is a must: we need robust equipment that will stand the test of time, guaranteeing us year-on year savings.”

The brand’s response?
Electrolux Professional’s new Line 6000 barrier washer range, and it’s just landed in Australia at Richard Jay. 

Exceptional ergonomics

Reaching, bending, pouring and other repetitive tasks in the laundry can take their toll, leading to fatigue and reduced productivity. The Line 6000 barrier washer range is the first in the industry to gain four-star ergonomic certification, with human-centred design that eases the strain on operators and boosts productivity significantly.

Statistics from the US show that ergonomic interventions can reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by 59%, with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.*

No bacteria gets through the barrier

Line 6000 barrier washers utilise world-leading technology to prevent cross-contamination and guarantee maximum hygiene at each and every stage of the laundry process.

The Electrolux Professional Hygiene Watchdog ensures full-cycle completion so that all laundry is fully washed and thoroughly decontaminated.

Line 6000 barrier washers feature a titration valve that allows water quality to be analysed and hygiene monitored throughout the wash cycle.

Real savings by any measure

With Integrated Savings, Efficient Dosing and Power Balance technologies, Line 6000 barrier washers ensures minimum cost per load and fast, quiet wash cycles.

  • Integrated Savings
    Laundry is weighed automatically to save time, energy and resources while avoiding overloading and underloading.
  • Efficient Dosing
    A precise way to minimise detergent consumption, Efficient Dosing ensures that only the right amount of detergent will be used during each cycle.
  • Power Balance
    Designed to extend washer lifetime and reduce drying costs, this performance- enhancing innovation automatically detects and rectifies unbalanced loads in the washer drum by adjusting distribution and spin speeds to maximise water extraction.

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*Washington State Department of Labor & Industries