Dryer Feature Highlight: Residual Moisture Control

Over drying is a major problem in most laundries, leading to massive energy wastage and fabric damage – but with modern technology and equipment, these issues can be prevented. 

Industrial dryers with Residual Moisture Control systems are programmed to measure the exact moisture content in the linen and stop once the correct moisture content is achieved, extending garment life and saving around 20% on energy costs.

Residual Moisture Control is a standard feature across the Electrolux Professional TD6 range of single pocket dryers, including models with capacities from 6 kg to 60 kg. 

In the case of the TD6-37, the most popular Electrolux Professional On-Premise-Laundry Dryer model, the Residual Moisture Control feature saves approximately 259,200 MJ over the machine’s lifespan, which, at $0.03 per MJ, adds up to an approximate cost saving of $7,776. 

As energy costs continue to increase, this is a critical consideration for business owners – particularly as most OPLs have a setup that includes 2 to 4 x TD6-37s.

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