LG Commercial laundry equipment

Richard Jay has been a proud national distributor of LG washing machines and dryers for over a decade.

Richard Jay has been a proud national distributor of LG washing machines and dryers for over a decade, and is Australia’s only importer and distributer of commercial laundry equipment from LG Electronics South Korea. View our LG commercial laundry catalogue here.

LG Commercial 10 kg washer and 10 kg dryer, along with the larger 15kg washer laundry machines, have rightly built a reputation across Australia for their superior durability, energy efficiency and use of the latest technology.

LG Commercial front-load washing machines

As Australia’s drought situation drives businesses across Australia to focus on water efficiency and sustainability, many are replacing older, top-load washers (which use double the amount of water of a front-load machine) with LG Commercial front-load washing machines.

With high-spin, extremely quiet machines that have low water usage and fast cycle times, the LG Commercial range is ideal for business needs. With no internal belts, they have fewer breakdowns – meaning less lost revenue and fewer frustrations for both customers and business owners. All LG Commercial washers offer an auto-detergent feed that allow for laundry detergent to be automatically injected into each wash-cycle – ensuring no over-sudsing, spills or mess.

If your business or facility is seeking front-load commercial washing machines or semi-professional machines that have four times the life of a household or domestic washer, LG Commercial’s 10kg and 15kg washers are your answer. Here at Richard Jay, we believe LG  Commercial washers and matching dryers are exceptional for their innovative design and technology – making the range a low-maintenance solution that really can prove ‘Life’s Good’. View our range of LG Commercial washing machines and LG commercial dryers.

LG Commercial laundry equipment in the workplace

Richard Jay distributes outstanding LG Commercial laundry equipment to a dynamic range of organisations across a diverse range of industries, including hospitality, mining, facility management, commercial laundromats, healthcare, education, tourism and prisons. Richard Jay was also proud to install LG Commercial washing machines in charity Orange Sky’s first mobile laundry vans – providing free laundry services to people experiencing homelessness. 28 vans later, these hugely reliable washers are still the only ones that can withstand being transported in the back of vans – with Orange Sky often reporting back on how crucial these hard-working LG machines are to the cause, given how much washing the charity does each week across Australia.

Choosing Richard Jay as your supplier of commercial laundry machinery means you’re never left on your own. As industry leaders, Richard Jay works with clients to identify the machine that best suits their requirements and provides installation, ongoing service maintenance and finance options. If you’re looking for efficient, washer-dryer units with a space-saving option that allows you to fit two machines into the footprint of one, take a look at the stackable LG Commercial models that Richard Jay regularly supplies. These models are always available, so if you’re keen to move to these durable, efficient and convenient machines we can make it happen – fast.

The LG Commercial Giant C+ Fast Washer

This large, water-efficient model offers more features than any other on the market and is a highly durable addition to any commercial laundry operation.

  • Large capacity of 10kg (plus a 15kg Titan model is available)
  • Energy-efficient LG Inverter direct-drive motor provides superior durability and a near-silent laundry
  • Accelerometer improves spin speed and reduces cycle times
  • Gyro Balance System uses an advanced algorithm to optimise performance
  • Internal twin sprays wet-down laundry, improve saturation times and prevent detergent build-up in drain cavity
  • Door bellow drain and atomising spray help prevent slug build-up
  • One Touch EZ-Clean provides easy tub-clean, removing odours and improving hygiene
  • Fully programmable fast-wash cycles
  • Optional auto-detergent dosing system

The LG Stacked Washer-Dryer Giant C Pro

With a capacity of 2 x 10kg, this hugely popular machine is perfect for any commercial laundry setting. LG Commercial laundry dryer machines are designed to use less energy without compromising on performance and superior drying, and the combination of a small washer cabinet with bigger washing capacity enables more cleaning in less time.

  • 2 x 10kg large capacity
  • Pre-assembled or easily assembled on-site
  • Easily programmed wash and dry cycles
  • Optional auto-detergent dosing system
  • Energy-efficient LG Inverter direct-drive motor provides superior durability and a near-silent laundry
  • Reversible dryer door with no additional parts required
  • Multi-heat treatment protects against gradual wear and tear

The LG Commercial Giant C Dryer

With both electric and gas LG Commercial Dryers available, these sleek, easily programmable dryers come in single and stacked options with coin and payment operations available – offering an outstanding, customisable solution to your commercial drying needs.

  • Large capacity of 10kg
  • Modern, platinum finish
  • Multi-heat treatment for the shaft connecting drums and motors
  • Toughened, large and reversible-hinge glass door
  • Easily programmed dryer cycle
  • 4500kW heating element
  • Stacked dryer/dryer combination is available

The LG Commercial Titan Washer

The LG Platinum Titan washer is well known for its efficiency – both in energy and water usage – as well as its near silent performance. Perfect for any commercial laundry, the machine optimises its big capacity and energy efficiency, with a 15kg capacity that’s available in coin-operated and non-coin operated machines. If you want to wash a double load in the time it takes to wash a single, the LG Commercial Titan is your ideal solution.

  • Large capacity of 15kg
  • Modern, platinum finish
  • LG Inverter direct-drive motor gives both reliability and durability
  • Optional auto-detergent dosing system
  • One Touch EZ-Clean provides easy tub-clean, removing odours and improving hygiene
  • Tough, tempered-glass door means less breakage and scratching
  • 10° tilted drum lets the washer have a higher level of tub water and a better clean

Proudly supporting - Orange Sky

One of our Richard Jay proudest community support is the collaboration with Orange Sky – the world’s first free mobile laundry in a van for people experiencing homelessness.

Richard Jay partnered with Orange Sky as a founding sponsor in 2014, knowing what a difference freshly laundered clothes can make to a person’s day.

For this very special purpose we received support from one of the global leading laundry brands, LG stepped in to equip Orange Sky with reliable washing machines built to handle anything. With a robust direct drive motor and superior water efficiency, LG washing machines deliver outstanding durability and brilliantly clean wash performance. Orange Sky often reports back about how crucial these hard-working LG machines have been to the cause, given how much washing the charity does each week.