Why a laundromat is a great investment opportunity


Did you know Richard Jay launched in 1969 with a single laundromat in Adelaide? Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of happy laundromat owners build new stores – offering a diverse range of commercial laundry and wet-cleaning solutions, as well as total turn-key solutions.

A laundromat is a highly unique business – offering a practical service to everyone in the community. On top of that, many business analysts think of laundromats as a recession-proof business – making them a truly perfect option for investment.

If set up and managed properly, your laundromat can become a hugely lucrative business that you do very little to maintain. Efficiency and outstanding attention-to-detail will pave the way for ongoing success and expansion if desired – when you’ve already set up a successful laundromat, it’s simple to then expand into other areas.

At Richard Jay we’re able to advise on the perfect machinery and fit-out for every laundromat, and have years of experience and expertise that we happily pass on to our satisfied customers.

Why investing in laundromats is the smartest choice

Well above market ROI on similar sized investment values

Efficiently-run laundromats in great locations can yield an average ROI of 20-35%, which compares very favourably to many other businesses.

Make money without being there

This is a major plus when it comes to investing in a self-serve laundromat – you can generate a passive income. With most locations open between 6am and 11pm, that results in 18 hours per day in which money can be made whilst you’re off-site.

Ditch the franchise costs

The majority of laundromats are small family businesses, which results in you avoiding any associated franchise fees, and you’re in no way bound by restrictive franchisee rules. As a laundromat investor you’re free to run your business the way you choose – dealing with issues however you see fit.

Minimal staff required

If you prefer to work with minimal staff, investing in a fully-serviced laundromat can be an ideal choice. Depending on whether or not you run a self-service or staffed, full-service laundromat, your staffing needs can be minimal. As long as you’re happy to cover the cleaning (or outsource it), security, and income and account management, self-service customers will do the rest – meaning you avoid all manner of HR and staffing tasks. With great equipment and a welcoming setting, the business can virtually run itself.

Get started with ease

With Richard Jay by your side, it’s easy to start your own laundromat business. Simply select your dream location, factor in your finances, then let us help you design and construct the perfect fit-out for you and your community. To get started, have a read of our handy laundromat investment guide, then give us a call to hear how we can help you launch your successful business venture.