The real value of clean sheets for accommodation providers

Don’t let your linen let you down. Clean sheets and towels and the value they bring to your business.

Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping between crisp, clean sheets or using a fluffy, spotless towel, and it goes without saying that anyone paying to stay in accommodation expects flawless linen. Whether you’re a boutique hotel, an aged care home or part of a national hotel franchise, it led us to investigate what is the “real” value of clean sheets to your business?

You might have the best facilities, a fantastic location and offer great value when it comes to price, but ALL of this is trumped by hygiene. Nothing is more important to a customer than knowing that where they’re sleeping is immaculately clean.

Just one poor wash, on one day, resulting in one unhappy customer posting a bad review about dirty sheets can cost you not only their repeat business but damage your reputation and lead to the loss of future customers. At Richard Jay, we know that our clients need to deliver immaculately clean sheets every single time.

When your business is reliant on laundry machines, our experts have put together some of the top requirements to look for to ensure you deliver clean sheets cycle after cycle.

  • Innovative washers can identify the weight of each load and automatically adjust water, energy and chemical levels to deliver hygienically clean sheets while also saving you money on utility bills.


  • A higher spin speed offers a greater G- force allowing for increased levels of moisture extraction and reduced drying times.


  • Look for fully programmable control systems which allow you to customize the best wash and dry cycles for the fabric and linen types specifically used by your business.


  • Dryers with Residual Moisture Control (RMC) technology continuously measure the level of moisture in the load, allowing you to precisely program the most efficient drying cycle to deliver perfectly clean, warm sheets and fluffy, shelf-ready towels every time.


  • Dryers should match the dry weight of the load in the washer to increase efficiencies and ensure the ultimate clean.


  • If your dryer is in a basement or area where air can’t easily be evacuated outside, a heat pump dryer is worth considering. This allows tumble dryers to be installed without the need for ducting.


Community Associated Infections (CAIs) are also a major issue for hospitality businesses and a big consideration if your laundry is not on premises. Richard Jay experts recommend Renew Ozone, which is proven to kill 99.9% of dangerous microorganisms – a claim backed up in independent testing by microbiologists.

The Renew Ozone system harnesses the power of Ozone (O3), which is 3000 times more effective than chlorine bleach as  a natural form of disinfection. The Ozone opens linen fibres to allow for the easy removal of dirt and bacteria. It also uses mostly cold water and fast wash cycles to reduce energy use. Renew Ozone can be retro-fitted to any existing laundry set-up, or included in a completely new installation.

Richard Jay’s experienced laundry consultants can help you find the right machinery for your business needs.