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JayWash provides a range of cutting-edge commercial laundry systems for energy efficiency, cost savings, infection control and sustainability.

JayWash Laundry Audits

At Richard Jay, we go further than supplying equipment. Our consultants can conduct a thorough audit of your laundry processes to reduce outgoings and eliminate cross-infection.

Reduce chemical usage with Ozone systems

Speak to our experts about revolutionary ReNew Ozone technology. ReNew Ozone reduces your laundry’s reliance on hot water and chemicals in the wash process while delivering exceptional infection control. Exclusive to JayWash, ReNew Ozone systems work with the power of Ozone (O3) to produce validated disinfection results. ReNew Ozone’s strong disinfecting capabilities kill problematic microorganisms found in many soiled textiles from hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Download our ReNew Ozone Healthcare & ReNew Ozone Hospitality brochure.

ReNew Ozone

How Ozone performs

Ozone’s strong disinfecting capabilities kill problematic micro-organisms found in soiled laundry. Independent tests by microbiologists show that bacteria and harmful spores were still present on fabric washed with commonly used wash programs and chemicals. In comparison, an Ozone system completely destroys bacteria and spores.

An Ozone system can be added to your existing laundry set-up, or is available in a completely new installation.

ReNew Ozone

High-powered disinfection

The unique JayWash ReNew Ozone System starts by converting air to 90% pure oxygen. An electrical charge splits the oxygen molecules, which are reassembled to form Ozone (O3). The patented system delivers Ozone directly into the water in the wash drum, destroying bacteria and viruses. Fabric then fibres open up, which means better cleaning and faster drying.

The result? Clean, fresh and completely disinfected laundry.
The system works with cold water and can operate on low-water level wash cycles to create huge water and energy savings. This contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

ReNew Ozone

Validated infection control

ReNew Ozone proves that it disinfects in all wash trials. The system is available with a sophisticated validation unit that monitors the amount of ReNew Ozone being injected into the wash process. This guarantees complete peace of mind in all environments where infection control is critical.

ReNew Ozone

Barrier Laundry Systems

The World Health Organisation estimates that hundreds of millions of healthcare-related infection outbreaks occur each year. With this in mind, Electrolux invented the Barrier Washer solution in 2003. Now the Evolution Range is the bestselling in the world With barrier technology, strict standards ensure that any wash program performs to the end of its cycle before unloading on the clean side. This is the best defence against the spread of micro-organisms and cross-infection.

Aged Care Residence Star of the sea

At the Aged Care Residence Star of the sea the residents clothing is laundered in their inhouse laundry. “We like our residents to be happy and looking good and feeling comfortable about how they appear, so we need a laundry that enables us to achieve that”, says Andrew Venosta, residential services managerat Star of the sea.
To meet the requirements of this facility, Richard Jay advised the barrier solution from Electrolux Professional. Andrew Venosta mentions “The Barrier laundry system has been very effective for Star of the sea, in terms of implementing our laundry services. It certainly enables us to achieve our key objective, which is preventing cross infection for our laundry service”.

Wet Cleaning - the environmentally alternative to dry cleaning

This method of cleaning special care garments is extra-gentle and just as effective as dry-cleaning and other commercial laundry processes. It is even suitable for ultra-delicate items where dry cleaning is too harsh. Richard Jay can supply your organisation with guidance and a full range of Wet Cleaning products and solutions. Download the Lagoon solution brochure here.

Use up to 80% less water in your commercial laundry

JayWash has partnered with Hydrofinity, formerly Xeros Bead Cleaning, to bring our Australian clients reduced utility costs and superior cleaning results. The award-winning XOrb technology, which uses far less water than traditional chemicals, aligns with the Richard Jay sustainability promise. We are always finding new ways to ensure we can offer the most resources-efficient laundry solutions available.


How does it work?

XOrb technology changes everything. When put into the wash, XOrbs absorb stains and provide a gentle mechanical wash action, reducing the need for large volumes of water and extreme temperatures. By replacing most of the water in the wash cycle with XOrbs, we’re able to limit water use for our customers by up to 80 percent, and reduce energy use by up to 50 per cent.

Developed by polymer scientists, XOrbs have a unique action that absorbs stains. The XOrbs can be used hundreds of times before they need to be replaced.


The benefits of XOrb cleaning

Naturally, all organisations are keen to reduce water consumption and energy costs without sacrificing on wash results. Hydrofinity XOrb technology replaces up to 80% of water with a superior, environmentally friendly way to get fabric clean.

The gentler cleaning action and lower temperatures mean your clothes stay new longer. Another benefit is that XOrbs absorb stray colours in the wash so they do not dull your clothes.


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