The many benefits of microfibre cleaning

In recent years, the cleaning experts at Richard Jay have noticed a growing trend in commercial cleaning circles towards microfibre technology.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, microfibre is a lightweight, ultra-absorbent alternative to cotton cloths and traditional sponges that gives a superior clean using less chemicals (and oftentimes only water).

The secret is microfibre’s tightly woven polyester and nylon fibres that effectively trap dirt and dust via a static charge.

Commercial cleaning teams love microfibre because it removes more dirt and debris than regular cloths, and it requires minimal chemicals for a deep clean. In fact, microfibre removes most surface bacteria using just water.

Mopping with microfibre uses far less water than traditional mop heads, which in turn minimises the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Microfibre cleaning is ideal for all commercial industries, particularly healthcare and aged care, where hygiene takes priority.

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