The best small chassis laundry solutions

Richard Jay is proud to provide small businesses across Australia with the highest quality, performance tested, fit-for-purpose commercial laundering machinery and solutions.

We know small business

Since the early 1970s, Richard Jay has been providing businesses of all sizes with commercial laundry machines, and now supplies the largest line-up of 6kg-10kg washers and dryers to small businesses nationally.

Over this time, we’ve become very familiar with the global brands on offer and we’re extremely discerning about who we choose to stock – as true industry experts who are passionate about what we do, we only want the very best for our customers and their businesses.

We also understand the importance of businesses using commercial machines rather than domestic ones purchased from retail stores – with domestic machines proven to provide less than 3000 cycles (compared to the industrial-machine average of between 10,000 and 30,000 cycles), there’s also the risk of warranty-voiding that comes with installing domestic machines in a business setting.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly key concern for most businesses, there’s been a notable shift away from the use of less water-efficient top loaders. Front-loading machines use half the water of top-loading machines and reduce drying times – as such, they’re undoubtedly the more sustainable option. View our LG commercial laundry catalogue here.

Tailored small body solutions

Whatever your laundry needs, Richard Jay has a solution that’s right for you. For decades we’ve helped small-business owners purchase, install and operate washers, dryers, and auto-detergent feed solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and continually deliver outstanding results, and have finance options to suit everyone.

Whether your priority is saving space with stackable washer/dryers, utilizing in-built automatic liquid dosing or installing cashless payment systems, we can go above and beyond your needs – plus with a national breakdown service and warehouses in each capital city, we can quickly provide you with both machinery and servicing.





For servicing and spare parts for Maytag commercial washers and dryers click here


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