Our revolutionary all inclusive subscription solution for laundry and kitchen equipment services

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The new way to pay your laundry and dishwashing requirements

JayWay is our revolutionary subscription service that covers all your laundry and warewashing requirements.

Over the term of the JayWay contract, you pay just the one monthly fee calculated per day based on which itemised option suits you best.

per guest, per bed, per rack, per room, per load

Your monthly JayWay payment includes

  • icon new machinery

    New Machinery

  • icon dispensers


  • icon chemicals


  • icon reports


  • icon spare parts

    Spare Parts

  • icon emergency breakdown

    Emergency Breakdown

  • icon maintenance


  • icon support


Why JayWay
How It Works
Advanced Technology
Customise Your Package

Why JayWay?

Richard Jay understands that all organisations, facilities and businesses have different needs and budgeting requirements that must be kept in balance. That’s why, for a long time, we have offered a range of flexible payment options.

Listening to our clients talk about how they’d prefer to do things in an ideal world inspired us to create our all-inclusive subscription service that covers all your laundry and warewashing needs.

How it works

They don’t come along often, but JayWay is an industry first that is changing the way Australians manage their industrial laundry and professional warewashing needs. You pay just the one monthly fee calculated per day on a per load – bed – resident – guest – rack basis for everything. The choice is yours.

If you’ve been dealing with multiple providers for your laundry and warewashing needs, this new solution brings all your requirements under one umbrella. Imagine dealing with the one representative for everything!

All-in-1 service, so many benefits

Here’s why businesses across Australia are getting on board with our revolutionary subscription laundry and warewashing service.

  • Everything is taken care of
  • Makes budgeting easy
  • No capital expenditure outlay
  • Always have the latest equipment
  • Fast response to breakdowns
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Deal with 1 expert provider and save time
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Innovative new technology for total transparency
  • All delivery, installation and training is included
  • Upgrade equipment easily when needed* (Terms & conditions apply)
laptop with charts

JayWay uses advanced technology to monitor every machine from Richard Jay HQ.

We monitor your machine’s performance and chemical levels. If there is a problem that may affect your output, we take action immediately.

Plus, our JayWash and JayWare experts operate nationwide to meet your equipment and servicing needs locally.

Customise Your Package

With JayWay, you can:

  • Add ancillary equipment

If you require additional machinery such as an ironing press, roller ironer or trollies, we can add this into your JayWay subscription.

  • Roll out across multiple sites

For owner-operators and corporate businesses with multiple locations, JayWay can be rolled out across numerous sites with a Master Agreement. You don’t have to go through the set-up process every time.

Starting with JayWay is simple

Your JayWay package will be designed to maximise energy efficiency, cost savings and performance. When we meet with you, we’ll structure your package in a way that suits your business. Your subscription fee can be calculated in several ways, depending on how you work.

  1. A consultant will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your business, run through the calculations and identify how we can improve your efficiency.
  2. A formal proposal outlining the machinery and equipment to be supplied is drawn up and presented to you.
  3. You sign the agreement and tell us when you’d like your machinery and chemicals to be delivered.

Get Started with Jayway, Right Away

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