Lagoon® Advanced Care wet cleaning

A water-based, eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning

The natural choice for every garment

New from Electrolux, Lagoon Advanced Care is the water-based solution that makes switching from dry cleaning to wet cleaning incredibly straightforward.

Now you can say goodbye to solvent-based dry cleaning with a truly green alternative that’s just as fast and effective, without changing your current work processes, with our wet cleaning washers and dryers. For example our WH6-27 washer / TD6-30 Dryer and WH6-33 washer / TD6-37 Dryer Lagoon Advanced Care models from Electrolux Professional.

See our complete range of leading Finishing Equipment here to make sure your garments are pressed professional after the wash/dry cycle.

Lagoon Advanced Care is the solvent-free process that’s delicate on fabrics and gentle on the environment. Download the Lagoon solution brochure here. We also have a flyer available on the new generation of smart detergents here.

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Why Australian garment cleaning professionals are moving to Lagoon Advanced Care

  • Fast, efficient and simple
    With wet cleaning of this caliber, you can continue offering your customers the best possible service.
  • Dry-to-dry in 1 hour
    Intelligent processes mean garments are completely dried in the dryer without the need for hand drying.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
    Water-based cleaning eliminates the need for toxic chemicals in your workplace.
  • Delicate on the delicates
    Gentle on fine textiles and wools labelled dry clean only because less mechanical action is required. Plus, Lagoon Advanced Care is Woolmark approved.
  • Rapid return on investment
    With an improved loading factor, less pre-spotting, easier finishing and faster processing times, Lagoon Advanced Care offers a speedy ROI.
  • Keeps customers coming back
    Reliably produces outstanding results for every type of garment thanks to special detergents and dedicated programs.


Endorsed by experts

The Hohenstein Institute in Germany has conducted comparative tests in laboratory conditions on the effects of Lagoon Advanced Care and solvent cleaning on delicate garments.

After more than 10 cleaning cycles, tests showed equal or comparable results for both technologies in terms of textile wear, dimensional change and colour loss.

The wool programs on the Lagoon wet-cleaning system have been approved by the Woolmark Company for cleaning Woolmark garments labelled dry clean only.

Discover how you can use Lagoon Advanced Care wet cleaning on wool and silk in the video.

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Say goodbye to solvent-based cleaning

A complete wet cleaning service in 55 minutes with Lagoon® Advanced Care
Fast, easy and green. Wet cleaning solutions for professional textile care.

Check out the video on the right.



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