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Search our range of dispensing solutions for laundry, warewashing, washroom (soap & paper), proportioning (chemical dilution), wet wipes and remote monitoring technology.

Changing the way you think about chemical dispensing

Richard Jay partners with manufacturers such as Brightwell in the UK to supply advanced dispensing solutions for laundry dosing, warewashing dosing, washroom (soap and paper dispensing) and proportioning.

We also provide a range of hygienic and handy wet wipes that are a popular staple for large facilities maintenance groups and chain businesses including supermarkets, service stations and childcare centres.

To help businesses maximise value and save on maintenance costs, Richard Jay supplies besides the above dispensing solutions also the revolutionary Connect Machines 2 Web (CM2W) remote monitoring technology.

Soap dispenser series and wipes

As a trusted supplier and service provider, Richard Jay is at the forefront of cutting-edge dispensing solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We proudly offer a range of dispensing solutions that change the way our clients think about dispensing chemicals and machine optimisation. At Richard Jay, we know how.

We offer a wide range of touch free dispensers  and also floor stands for our touch free dispensers.

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