Hilton Cairns: a massively improved laundry system that’s also a valuable revenue stream

woman using industrial electrolux laundry equipment at Hilton Cairns

At Richard Jay, we pride ourselves on delivering the kind of service that leads to great customer relationships. That’s why we were delighted to hear what Garry Marsh, Asset Manager at BG Hotels, had to say about the work we did at Hilton Cairns – a project that’s led to a hugely positive ongoing relationship between Richard Jay and the hotel group.

With 263 rooms, two pools and a substantial conference and catering area, the Hilton Cairns needed a solution to the inconsistent quality and damaged linen emerging from its aging laundry equipment. Doing 3000 kilos of laundry every day, the hotel was looking for a system that was both effective and reliable – and that’s why they came to Richard Jay.

In order to significantly reduce labour costs and increase productivity, Richard Jay brought in Electrolux’s line of washers, dryers, towel folder and industrial ironer to provide a high-performing fleet of equipment – the industrial ironer, for example, feeds, folds and stacks, can be used by just one person and achieves outstanding results. We also installed our revolutionary ReNew Ozone system – a water-wise, energy efficient laundry system for businesses that harnesses the power of ozone. Laundering a vast range of items including staff uniforms, linens, towels, tablecloths and guest laundry, the upgrade was so successful the facility is now a profit centre that serves two hotels and the Cairns Convention Centre – creating a hugely beneficial new revenue stream for the hotel.

“The experience with Richard Jay has been fantastic from the beginning right through to the end”, says Garry. “Having a partner like Richard Jay involved in the process quickly showed me that this was a great decision that we made, and something that I’d recommend for anybody to do.”

To find out more about the huge difference Richard Jay made to the day-to-day operations at Hilton Cairns, as well as the ongoing success of the relationship, watch this short video.