Electrolux industrial laundry equipment

Richard Jay partners with Electrolux to
provide world-leading industrial laundry
equipment solutions in Australia

For more than 40 years, Richard Jay has partnered with world-leading industrial washing machine and dryer manufacturers to provide ideal solutions for Australian businesses. Working closely with customers, Richard Jay’s laundry experts provide companies with the ultimate technology for their needs, and our national offering includes the Electrolux range of industrial laundry equipment solutions.

Widely regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment since its launch in 1902, Electrolux has never stopped innovating and setting new benchmarks in the industry. At Richard Jay, we know that our clients reap the benefits of this commitment, with technologically advanced equipment that achieves superior results and cost savings.

From 6-65kg industrial washing machines to tumble dryers, laundry systems and ironing and finishing machines, the extensive Electrolux Professional range of industrial laundry equipment is designed to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. As a hugely successful, family-owned company that’s internationally recognised for providing laundry solutions to commercial, government and community operations of all sizes, Richard Jay excels at delivering this outstanding equipment to a diverse range of businesses across Australia.

Electrolux industrial washing machines

At Richard Jay, we believe the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range of industrial washing machines really does reduce costs and deliver maximised ROI – meeting the needs of businesses that require equipment that’s not only efficient and easy to use, but also delivers superior disinfection, every time.

Businesses operating in the healthcare, aged care and hospitality industries need to meet strict hygiene and infection-control standards to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of viruses, as well as adhere to the strict Australian Standards for Laundry. The Electrolux Professional range of barrier washers employs special technology that ensures a wash is analysed throughout the cycle to ensure it’s clean before it can be unloaded. These strict standards prevent the spread of micro-organisms and particles – giving our clients invaluable peace of mind. This method is also suited to businesses operating in any sector where the work environment must be strictly controlled to eliminate contamination.

See the Electrolux Professional 5000 washer range here.

Electrolux industrial washers are gentle, efficient and fast

The superior disinfection control isn’t the only feature that makes Electrolux Professional industrial washers stand out. They’re also guaranteed to deliver a gentle yet efficient wash whilst being easy to use, with simple controls and a large, ergonomically designed door for fast loading. The power balance feature reduces vibration and noise and increases the life of the machine, and the unique smart-dosing system measures the exact amount of detergent needed. Water and energy levels are adjusted according to the weight of the load through the Automatic Savings technology – resulting in cost savings, time efficiency and trouble-free operation.

The Electrolux Medical Barrier Washer Pocket Range is ideal for loads of between 13kg and 18 kg, whilst the Evolution Range holds capacities of 20kg, 27kg and 35kg.

Electrolux industrial washing machines for laundromats also has a number of coin-operated options, as well as a cashless system that offers payment via mobile phone, tap & go, website or kiosk using credit and debit cards.

See the Electrolux Professional 5000 washer range here.

Electrolux industrial dryers

With a long history of continually seeking to innovate, the Electrolux Professional range of industrial dryers is world-leading when it comes to environmental efficiencies, which in turn results in cost savings.

Stand-out features which lead to the low energy-consumption of these dryers include axial airflow and a residual moisture control function which ensures highly accurate drying. In fact, with the Electrolux Professional Line 6000 industrial dryers you can save more than 60% on your energy consumption thanks to the heat pump technology.

The Electrolux Professional industrial dryers, which have a capacity of between 6kg and 60kg and come in gas and electric options, are designed in a way that makes for low maintenance and simple servicing, reducing the downtime of your machine. The tumble dryers include reversing cylinders and rollers in the drum that help to achieve the optimal drying result while minimising any wrinkles. Some of these dryers can also be easily stacked with Electrolux Professional washers – meaning businesses can save space and gain flexibility.

View our Electrolux Professional industrial dryers here.

Electrolux ironers and finishing equipment

At Richard Jay, we know cleanliness is everything but when a towel, tablecloth or sheet is beautifully ironed and folded, that really is the ultimate showcase of quality. This is especially true for companies operating in the hospitality, hotel and other service industries.

As the global partner of Electrolux Professional in Australia, Richard Jay supplies the Swedish manufacturer’s range of ironers, towel folders and finishing equipment. These include the:

  • Electrolux Roller Ironer (available in 1000mm, 1400mm and 1600mm)
  • Electrolux Industrial Ironer – FFS Series (available in 1910mm, 2540mm and 3170mm)
  • Electrolux C-Flex IL Vacuum Table (available in 3000mm and 3300mm)
  • Electrolux C-Flex IL Feeder (available in 3000mm and 3300mm)
  • Electrolux C-Flex IL Flat Folder (available in 3000mm and 3300mm)
  • Electrolux Cylinder Ironer (available in 1650mm and 2065mm)
  • Electrolux C-Flex Ironer (with a processing size of 900mm-1200mm diameter and 3300mm length)
  • Electrolux Towel Folder 1.3 (with a processing size of 1200mm width and 1800mm length)
  • Electrolux Towel Folder 1.1 (with a processing size of 1000mm width and 2400mm length).

Whether you need 25kg or one tonne of laundry ironed every hour or you’re simply seeking an all-in-one solution, there are machines to suit all sizes and types of operations. The ironers and finishing machines are safe and easy to use, with ergonomic features that help the operator produce high volumes in a timely manner. As with all Electrolux Professional products, the equipment is designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Ironers and finishers are also built using superior materials and advanced technology, ensuring they are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Find out more about Electrolux Ironers here.

Lagoon Advanced Care wet cleaning by Electrolux

At Richard Jay, we’re at the forefront of technological advances that are reshaping the laundry industry, and we’re excited to offer our clients Electrolux Professional Lagoon Advanced Care – an innovation that’s setting a new standard in dry cleaning, hotel valet laundries and laundry services.

Dry cleaners offer an invaluable service to the consumer, and Lagoon Advanced Care uses a water-based process that’s friendly to the environment and delivers beautifully clean clothes in just one hour. Electrolux Professional designed this system to ensure businesses can change easily from dry cleaning to this wet cleaning alternative without disrupting their existing operational systems.

Lagoon Advanced Care is gentle on delicate garments and wools because of the reduced mechanical action and solvent-free cleaning. In fact, the system has been given the tick of approval by The Woolmark Company.

This revolutionary system is removing the need for toxic chemicals, eliminating hand drying, reducing pre-spotting and producing fast, reliable and exceptional results. At Richard Jay, we believe businesses who adopt this technology enjoy a quick return on investment – safe in the knowledge they’re taking the eco-friendly and cost-effective path.

Learn more about Lagoon Advanced Care.

Electrolux Efficient Dosing Technology

The laundry experts at Richard Jay are always searching for more efficient ways of doing business for our clients. The Electrolux Efficient Dosing Technology is proven to reduce laundry costs, and the best part is it’s fully automatic – meaning once it’s installed you don’t need to do a thing to enjoy the benefits.

Using too much detergent in every wash adds up. It’s not just the unnecessary cost of the inefficient use of chemicals, but also the increased water use and the impact this has on the performance of the wash and the machine itself.

The Electrolux Efficient Dosing system weighs each load in the washer and then automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent and water needed to ensure the optimal wash cycle takes place. This saves money for businesses slashing chemical costs by as much as 40%. It also extends the life of linen and results in a better finish because there isn’t excess detergent left on the item. By ensuring the correct dose of detergent is used, skin irritations, reactions and allergies are also minimised.

The Electrolux Efficient Dosing System is compatible with Electrolux Professional Laundry washer extractors that have Compass Control and Compass Pro. Richard Jay services this range, as well as providing spare parts and a comprehensive after-sales service on all our Electrolux products across Australia.

Find out more about Electrolux Efficient Dosing here.