Café and restaurant owners, it is time to bring your laundry in-house

Why hospitality businesses are better off bringing laundry in house than outsourcing to professionals.

If your café or restaurant cycles through a steady stream of napkins, table cloths, cleaning cloths and aprons, installing a washer and dryer on site or at home is a worthy investment that will save you thousands on professional laundry fees.

Cost savings aside, bringing your laundry in-house is a great way to take back control of your wash results and the quality of your linen. Richard Jay can recommend machines with dedicated wash cycles for microfibre and hospitality garments. The advantage of owning your own linen is you can choose the style that suits your business.

If space is a concern, Richard Jay has the solution. Our stacked systems let you install a washer and dryer in the footprint of a single machine. Another alternative is to install a commercial washer and dryer at home and make it a tax deduction. See our full range here.

You can also see how much you’ll save with the Richard Jay ROI calculator. If you speak to a consultant, they’ll look at what you’re already paying and what you need to provide a clear cost comparison.

Perhaps the best thing about bringing your laundry in-house is you don’t have to worry about expensive capital outlays in the beginning – not if you go through Richard Jay.

Our Capital Plus solution gives you access to brand-new machinery – including installation and breakdown servicing – over a contract period.

Call Richard Jay to discuss how you can bring your laundry in-house and start saving 1300 742 427.

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