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Aged Care Residence Star of the sea in-house laundry

At the Aged Care Residence Star of the sea the residents clothing is laundered in their in-house laundry. “We like our residents to be happy and looking good and feeling comfortable about how they appear, so we need a laundry that enables us to achieve that”, says Andrew Venosta, residential services manager Star of the sea.

Infection control with Richard Jay

To meet the requirements of this facility, Richard Jay advised the barrier solution from Electrolux Professional. Andrew Venosta mentions “The Barrier laundry system has been very effective for Star of the sea, in terms of implementing our laundry services. It certainly enables us to achieve our key objective, which is preventing cross infection for our laundry service”.

Electrolux Professional new Line 6000

Richard Jay is proud to bring Electrolux’s Professional new Line 6000 range to businesses across Australia that expect only the best.

In the 10 years since Electrolux’s Professional 5000 range first wowed our clients, Electrolux Professional has gone one better by pairing industry-leading technology with carefully considered improvements informed by customer intel. The result is long-term savings and outstanding solutions.

Benefits of the Line 6000 range 

  • Winner of the GOOD DESIGN® award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
  • Only washer in its category to have been awarded a prestigious four-star rating for ergonomics by Ergocert
  • Easy, healthy and safe
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Innovation and remote performance-monitoring
  • Excellent productivity

Preventing the spread of disease in laundries

At Richard Jay, we take hygiene in laundry seriously. Our experts can recommend advanced machinery and solutions proven to deliver reliable infection control for the healthcare, aged care, childcare and hospitality.

From a hygiene standpoint, we consider everything about how your laundry is handled – including when and where your soiled linen is collected, processed and stored. The solutions we recommend must meet the official Australia New Zealand Standard for laundry practice (AS/NZ4146:200) to earn a recommendation from Richard Jay.

Richard Jay understands the importance of infection control and the potential for cross infection in laundries. That’s why the Barrier Laundry Technology we offer is certified worldwide for the Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control method (R.A.B.C).

Australian Standard

Protect your people, patients and patrons with advanced laundry systems

Richard Jay have hygiene-focused solutions to suit all laundries, ranging from a 5.5kg-capacity microfibre washer through to a 120kg Barrier Wash system. Go to our laundry products here.

Proud partners of hygiene experts Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is the global expert when it comes to linen hygiene, offeringv the broadest range of commercial solutions and best program flexibility on the market. Everything Electrolux delivers and Richard Jay supplies is developed in collaboration with hygiene experts.

Electrolux barrier laundry systems: the best defence against cross-infection

The World Health Organisation estimates that hundreds of millions of healthcare-related infection outbreaks occur each year. With this in mind, Electrolux invented the Barrier Washer solution in 2003. Now the side-loading Evolution Range is the bestselling in the world

With barrier technology, strict standards ensure that all wash program performs to the end of its cycle before unloading on the clean side. This is the best defence against the spread of micro-organisms and cross-infection.

Barrier laundry systems for outstanding infection control

Invented by Electrolux in 2003, barrier washing systems were specially designed to reduce infection outbreaks, and the brand’s Evolution barrier range is now the bestselling in the world. With hygiene and infection control a number one priority for Richard Jay clients, our experts can recommend Electrolux barrier solutions that are proven to deliver reliable infection control for the healthcare, aged care, childcare and hospitality industries. Additionally, all barrier laundry technology on offer at Richard Jay is certified worldwide for the Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control method (RABC).

Current hygiene demands

Current official laundry practice standards (AS/NZS 4146:2000 Australian New Zealand Laundry Standards) dictate that, in order for dirty linen to be properly disinfected, it must be ‘washed so that the temperature of the load is maintained at a minimum of 65°C for not less than 10 minutes, or at a minimum of 71°C for not less than 3 minutes.’

As leaders in our field, Richard Jay’s team of experts can recommend ways to achieve this.

Antibacterial wet wipes and door handles for commercial use

Promote disinfection in your organisation with our hand hygiene range.

Scientists have confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on door handles for up to NINE DAYS. To put this in context, flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces and infect another person for 24 to 48 hours.
As a result, there’s never been a better time to install the Purehold range of hygienic door handles at your site, to help reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus between door users.

Our quality wet wipe range encourages cleanliness and hand disinfection. JayWipes are designed for use in conjunction with wall-mounted Brightwell dispensers. The theft-proof dispensers keep JayWipes moist and free from contamination, allowing for easy, one-handed access.

Cairns Hilton video testimonial | Laundry

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