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Hygiene and infection control are always front of mind at Richard Jay

Preventing the spread of disease

At Richard Jay, we take hygiene in the laundry seriously. Our experts can recommend advanced machinery and solutions proven to deliver reliable infection control for the healthcare, aged care, childcare and hospitality.

From a hygiene standpoint, we consider everything about how your laundry is handled – including when and where your soiled linen is collected, processed and stored. The solutions we recommend must meet the official Australia New Zealand Standard for laundry practice (AS/NZ4146:200) to earn a recommendation from Richard Jay.

Richard Jay understands the importance of infection control and the potential for cross infection in laundries. That’s why the Barrier Laundry Technology we offer is certified worldwide for the Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control method (R.A.B.C).

Australian Standard

Protect your people, patients and patrons with advanced laundry systems

Richard Jay have hygiene-focused solutions to suit all laundries, ranging from a 5.5kg-capacity microfibre washer through to a 120kg Barrier Wash system.

ReNew Ozone systems: a more effective way to kill bacteria

Speak to our experts about revolutionary ReNew Ozone technology. ReNew Ozone reduces your laundry’s reliance on hot water and chemicals in the wash process while delivering exceptional infection control.

Exclusive to JayWash, ReNew Ozone systems work with the power of Ozone (O3) to produce validated disinfection results. ReNew Ozone’s strong disinfecting capabilities kill problematic microorganisms found in many soiled textiles from hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

Independent tests by microbiologists show that bacteria and harmful spores were still present on linen following commonly used wash cycles. A ReNew Ozone process, by comparison, destroyed the bacteria and spores.

You can add a ReNew Ozone system to your existing laundry equipment or build it into a completely new laundry installation.

Proud partners of hygiene experts Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is the global expert when it comes to linen hygiene, offeringv the broadest range of commercial solutions and best program flexibility on the market. Everything Electrolux delivers and Richard Jay supplies is developed in collaboration with hygiene experts.

Electrolux barrier laundry systems: the best defence against cross-infection

The World Health Organisation estimates that hundreds of millions of healthcare-related infection outbreaks occur each year. With this in mind, Electrolux invented the Barrier Washer solution in 2003. Now the side-loading Evolution Range is the bestselling in the world

With barrier technology, strict standards ensure that all wash program performs to the end of its cycle before unloading on the clean side. This is the best defence against the spread of micro-organisms and cross-infection.

If hygiene and disinfection are major concerns in your organisation, call Richard Jay for validated solutions that remove the risk.

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