Why go cashless with e-CleanPay?

Now you can make life easier for customers by upgrading from traditional coin-op laundry equipment to Richard Jay’s cashless payment systems – powered by Australian company Paypont.

By removing the cash barrier, e-CleanPay technology increases revenue for your business and improves the laundry experience.

e-CleanPay is a simple, smartphone payment system for seamless transactions. It can also work in conjunction with KIOSK ¬– a secure PayWave reader – or you can opt for tap ’n’ go as well.

Meanwhile, customers love the technology as much as business owners. Paypont, the local company behind e-CleanPay, received feedback from 3642 customers last month and 96.5% of responses were overwhelmingly positive!

e-CleanPay also keeps customers coming back for more, with cashless systems resulting in significant repeat business for laundry owners. Of the 25,000+ transactions recorded in a 30-day period, 85.9% were classified as repeat business.

Why go cashless?
+ Remove the cash barrier in a cashless society
+ Automatic tax receipts available to user
+ No lock-in contracts
+ Remote machine access from your smartphone.
+ Automatic settlement of card payments to nominated bank account in 24-48 hours
+ Retro-fit the system to existing laundry machinery
+ Card swipe & EMV international chip cards.

Learn more about e-CleanPay + Kiosk here