Wet vs dry cleaning: what’s best for your business?

Whether you run a small or large laundry, the types of machines in your business can have a significant impact on your wash results, your customers’ satisfaction and the environment.

Both wet cleaning and dry cleaning solutions have their advantages, however, Richard Jay consistently recommends wet cleaning solutions to our customers knowing the difference it makes in their businesses on several levels.

The Process
The wet cleaning process is relatively simple and safe to complete, done using a combination of water and chemicals. In contrast, dry cleaning is a complex & water free, so a chemical-only process which must be done by a skilled and highly trained operator.

The Equipment
Dry cleaning machines are large and can only be used for dry cleaning, whereas wet-cleaning equipment has a smaller footprint & can be used for normal cleaning, so multipurpose. The wet cleaning equipment in stock at Richard Jay also features the innovative Pro’V’Tex technology which pumps water from the base of the washer to the top, creating hydraulic action for delicate items. This minimises mechanical action and ultimately prevents damage to garments, also improving the degree of loading from 1:20 to 1:15, so customers are able to load more into washer equipped with Pro’V’Tex.

The Eco Footprint
Beyond the process itself, the environmental impact is a key difference between wet and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is the most environmentally friendly method of cleaning delicate garments. As such, Richard Jay endorses wet cleaning as part of our commitment to upholding sustainable practices.

The Chemicals
Electrolux’s range of wet cleaning chemicals are designed to provide the best quality results and the only full solution endorsed by Woolmark. Models WH6-14CV / 20CV / 27CV / 33CV use IWS (integrated weighing system) to adjust the amount of chemicals used according to the loaded weight, adjusting doses to minimise usage while improve rinsing, driving the customer experience ahead of competitors.

Originally pioneered in 1992 by Electrolux Professional, wet cleaning is a clear winner on all fronts, with ongoing innovation from Electrolux Professional elevating the processes, equipment and results.

When it comes to implementing a wet cleaning solution in your business, Richard Jay recommends Lagoon Advanced Care – the only wet cleaning solution approved by Woolmark.

Richard Jay offers Electrolux Professional wet cleaning machines from 6 kg to 33 kg capacity, along with three wet cleaning chemicals.

To ensure every wet cleaning job is done effectively, we also recommend finishing equipment including a spotting table and a good quality blowing finishing table.

Do you need wet or dry cleaning equipment, chemicals or advice on the best solution for your business? The Richard Jay team is here to help – give us a call on 1300 742 427 today.