Washer by LG Commercial

LG Washer Giant C+ Platinum


LG Giant C range of washers and dryers are well known for their efficiency, both in energy and water usage, and their near silent performance. Now with the addition of the new platinum finish to our range, on premise laundries can have now have access to this very affordable modern finish laundry machinery range.

The brand new Giant C range of washer and dryers from LG is perfect for any commercial laundry. With optional auto-detergent dosing systems available from Richard Jay for use with these machines, there is no better choice.

Available in a range of single washer & dryer, stacked washer/dryer and stacked dryer/dryer - all available in either coin or non-coin operated.


  • Large Capacity - 10kg
  • Platinum Finish
  • The surface of the embossed inner drum increases the amount of contact with fabric
  • Uses Less Water
  • Fully Programmable Fast Wash Cycles
  • Optional Auto Detergent Dosing System
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor; high durability due to brushless motor and no belt and pulley
  • Multiple dampers absorb vibration and reduce noise creating a quieter washing environment

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