Cleaning up: why now’s the time to buy warewashing and glass washing equipment

At Richard Jay, hygiene standards are central to everything we do. We’re committed to helping our clients meet stringent government hygiene standards – a responsibility that has grown in scope and importance since the onset of COVID-19.

The pandemic saw many cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs close their doors for good, and led remaining businesses to take stock of their hygiene practices and equipment.

Recently we have seen an increase in purchase enquiries from hospitality business owners across the country in preparation for the expected onset of stricter sanitation regulations.

Effective cleaning and sanitation practices are essential to protect you and your customers against the spread of bacteria and other organisms that cause foodborne illness. It also minimises the likelihood of pest infestations, which is of course an essential health and safety consideration for hospitality businesses.

As business owners across the country look to upgrade or replace glass washing and warewashing machines, you can rest assured that the Richard Jay warehouse has stock.

All of the boilers on our machines are set to 90 degrees Celsius, ensuring that every wash is guaranteed to meet the required minimum rinse temperature of 80-85 degrees.

Read on for all the essential details on two of our most popular models, the Electrolux Professional Undercounter Dishwasher (400077) and Undercounter Glass Washer (402319).

  • General under counter dishwasher
  • Rack size – 500 x 500mm
  • Cell dimensions – 500 x 500 x 330mm
  • External dimensions – 690 x 620 x 920mm
  • Power requirement – 20 amp plug 240V
  • Control type – electronic
  • Double skin door = safe
  • Tank type – pressed
  • Cycles – 120 / 180 seconds
  • Detergent & rinse aid pumps – built in

  • Under counter glass washer
  • Rack size – 400 x 400mm
  • Cell dimensions – 400 x 400 x 290mm
  • External dimensions – 460 x 565 x 820mm
  • Power requirement – 15 amp plug 240V
  • Control type – electronic
  • Double skin door & body = safe & quiet
  • Tank type – pressed
  • Cycles – 60 x 120 x 66 seconds
  • Detergent & rinse aid pumps – built in

Will your business pass hygiene requirements as laws are enforced? If you’re unsure, call our friendly team on 1300 RICHARD (742 427) for more information on our warewashing and glass-washing product range. On the blog this week we discuss the tightening of hygiene regulations since the onset of the pandemic and what this means for business owners.