Understanding shirt finishing

At Richard Jay, we’re well known for our wide range of washers and dryers, selling a huge amount each year. However, our expertise extends beyond just washing and drying – we also have a deep understanding of garment finishing equipment, from small hand ironers processing a few items per day, to facilities processing hundreds of garments per hour. This article focuses on shirt finishers, helping you identify the best solution for your laundry.

The shirt finishing process

Understanding the process is important to obtaining optimal results. Shirts are processed directly from the washer, meaning they are finished while still damp. A dampbox is useful for transport and keeping items damp before processing.

  • Collar and cuff press – this equipment is essential for quickly removing moisture from wet items. By applying high pressure and temperature, it provides an impressive, like-new finish.
  • Finisher – the item is then placed on a shirt finisher, which uses high heat and powerful tensioning to remove moisture and ensure the fibres return to their original shape.

When to invest in a shirt finisher

A shirt finisher is recommended if your laundry processes over 50 shirts per day. The labour savings and faster processing times make it a valuable investment.

Popular models

We offer four popular models which suit 99 percent of applications. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  1. Kite – considered a basic version of Eagle 2.0, it lacks shoulder and sleeve placket presses – resulting in a longer cycle time – however it has similar outcomes. It can process up to 35 shirts per hour.
  2. Eagle 2.0 – this model includes shoulder and sleeve placket presses. The rest of the shirt is stretched and blown, producing uniform and soft results. It has a production capacity of up to 50 shirts per hour.
  3. Angel – this model adds front and back pressing, giving the shirt a stiff, crisp appearance. It can handle up to 60 shirts per hour.
  4. DB Premium – designed for very high production sites, it is similar in design to the Angel but can process up to 120 shirts per hour. It features two dummies, allowing one shirt to be finished while the second is being fitted, which enhances productivity for a single operator.

Consider additional equipment

A slotted collar station is useful for taking the finished item, installing a hanger and adding a plastic bag.

Comprehensive solutions from Pony

Richard Jay stocks and distributes the Pony range of finishing equipment from Italy, which is renowned for its high quality and innovative solutions. With over 60 years’ experience manufacturing professional finishing and pressing equipment, Pony’s product range has something to satisfy the needs of all industry professionals.

If you’re looking to buy finishing equipment designed to get each job done right, then call us today on 1300 742 427.