Tolon’s Industrial Dryers for Demanding Environments

At Richard Jay, we know that industrial dryers play a pivotal role in demanding multishift environments. That’s why we’ve chosen to spotlight Tolon, a brand that places its focus on quality and reliability, making it the ideal choice for industrial dryer solutions.

Tolon dryers stand out with a range of features designed to enhance efficiency and reliability:

  • Sliding Doors
    Tolon dryers are equipped with sliding doors that not only make opening and closing safer but also facilitate easy loading and unloading. This feature comes as standard in our central laundry range.
  • Infrared Moisture Sensing
    For precise drying, Tolon employs Infrared moisture sensing technology. It ensures that our dryers stop at the right moisture content, conserving time and energy while increasing overall throughput.
  • 7-inch Colour Display
    Tolon dryers feature a user-friendly 7-inch colour display that streamlines operator program selection and simplifies maintenance, ensuring a seamless laundry operation.
  • Massive Lint Filter
    Maintenance is made more manageable with Tolon’s massive lint filter, which significantly reduces cleaning requirements. Accessing it is a breeze thanks to a large door opening.
  • Low-Cost Spare Parts
    Tolon understands the importance of cost-effectiveness. By offering low-cost spare parts, they help laundry owners keep the total cost of ownership down while maximising profits and customer satisfaction.

Tolon’s range of industrial dryers is available in three sizes: 40, 60, and 110kg, catering to two primary segments:

  • Commercial Laundries
    Commercial laundries are the primary target market for Tolon dryers. These businesses require large capacities and equipment that can reliably operate in multishift environments. Tolon dryers are well-suited to meet these demanding needs, allowing 2 loads per hour.
  • Prisons
    The second target market for Tolon dryers is correctional facilities. Accessing these facilities for regular maintenance is challenging and time-consuming. Thus, the reliability and low maintenance requirements of Tolon dryers make them an ideal choice.

Tolon’s commitment to quality and efficiency aligns perfectly with Richard Jay’s mission to provide the best laundry solutions for demanding industrial environments. If you’d like to find out how a Talon industrial dryer can improve your laundry, contact us today.