Tolon Delivers Quality and Reliability for High-Use Environments

At Richard Jay, we’ve witnessed significant growth in small to medium-sized commercial laundries. In response to this demand, we made the decision in late 2023 to supply Tolon’s range of washers in our offering. Tolon’s machines are purpose-built to thrive in high-use environments, with a strong emphasis on quality and reliability.

Tolon understands the unique requirements of businesses operating in multi-shift environments. The need for low maintenance and high efficiency is paramount when selecting laundry equipment. Here are the standout features that differentiate Tolon:

  • Accelerometers for Vibration Control
    All Tolon soft mount washers come equipped with accelerometers. These devices control vibration, protect the appliance, and enhance the final extraction process. This not only reduces cycle time and maintenance but also improves dewatering, ultimately reducing dry times.
  • User-Friendly 7-Inch Color Display
    Tolon washers feature a 7-inch colour display that simplifies programming and maintenance. It includes picture-by-picture tutorials for technicians, enabling rapid equipment repair. Since most commercial laundries have qualified onsite maintenance personnel, this feature provides valuable support and quick fixes without the need for specialist technicians. Additionally, the five most commonly used programs have shortcut buttons for faster selection.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
    Tolon washers boast heavy construction, ensuring exceptional reliability and longevity. These machines exceed the industry-standard 30,000-life cycle testing process. Unlike competitors, Tolon washers remain some of the heaviest and quietest machines in their segment, minimising rattling or shaking during extraction.
  • 180-Degree Door Opening
    In high-use and repetitive environments, Tolon washers offer the convenience of a 180-degree door opening. This ergonomic design enhances operator efficiency and workplace safety, contributing to a smoother workflow.
  • Affordable Spare Parts
    Tolon prioritises affordability when it comes to spare parts. This approach keeps the total cost of ownership down, ultimately boosting profits for laundry owners and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Tolon’s range of washers is available in three sizes – 40, 60, and 110kg, catering to two primary segments:

  • Commercial Laundries
    Commercial laundries are the primary target market for Tolon washers. These businesses require large-capacity washers and equipment that can reliably operate in multi-shift environments.
  • Prisons
    The second target market for Tolon’s range of washers is prisons. Accessing correctional facilities is a challenging logistically and consequently washers that do not require frequent visits are crucial in this context.

At Richard Jay, we are committed to providing our customers with quality solutions that meet their specific needs. Tolon’s washers align perfectly with our dedication to reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore how Tolon’s washers can enhance your laundry operations.