Time for a change: introducing new solutions

You may have heard that our business is going through an exciting period of growth and change. We’re still the same family-owned company Australians have turned to since 1969 – that will never change – only now our brand is evolving to serve you better.
Now that the new financial year is here, we’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new WAREWASHING division. We’re also launching an innovative subscription payment solution called JAYWAY that’s set to change the way you look at warewashing and laundry.

You asked & we made it happen!

This is a natural progression for Richard Jay that makes sense for so many reasons: industry crossover, our exclusive access to the world’s best machinery and because YOU, our valued clients, asked for it.

Due to the nature of their businesses, so many of our clients require both commercial laundry and warewashing solutions. Now they can access both from the same trusted team.

To simplify everything, Richard Jay services will now fall under separate divisions:

Commercial laundry will remain our core offering under JayWash. Supplying high-performing commercial laundry machinery, servicing and accessories has made Richard Jay what it is today. JayWash will now encompass all of our commercial laundry solutions.
We are excited to launch our brand-new commercial warewashing division. JayWare provides only the highest-quality, most advanced warewashing solutions at specially negotiated rates structured in a way that suits you best.
Which brings us to our new all-inclusive subscription solution, JayWay.

A flexible solution that reflects modern business 

Introducing JayWay
They don’t come along often, but JayWay is truly an industry first. JayWay is Richard Jay’s all-inclusive subscription service designed to make things simple and transparent. The way it works is that clients pay just the one monthly fee for their warewashing and/or laundry calculated per day on a per load – bed – resident – guest – rack basis.
That price includes:
✓ New machinery
✓ Dispensers
✓ Chemicals
✓ Maintenance
✓ Emergency reports
✓ Support
✓ Breakdown servicing
✓ Spare parts
It’s easy to budget for, you deal with just the one trusted team and everything is taken care of.
To support JayWay, we are introducing a new chemical range, JayChem. JayChem will encompass a full range of quality detergents, fluids, granules and beads for auto detergent feed use in commercial laundry and warewashing machines. Our formulas are the safest, most concentrated options that ensure a hygienic clean for each resident, bed, load or rack of warewashing.

For more information on our new divisions and JayWay, contact your Richard Jay rep or call 1300 RICHARD (742 427).