An asset to your kitchen: the new Electrolux Professional 40007 dishwasher

At Richard Jay, we’re about to welcome the Electrolux Professional 400077 dishwasher to our range. We chose it because we know it will be a valuable asset in commercial kitchens across Australia.

This is a single skin undercounter dishwasher complete with in-built pressure boiler, drain pump and detergent dispenser.

Clean and green

Like many warewashers in the Electrolux Professional range, the 400077 uses a maximum of three litres of water per cycle and offers a winning combination of exceptional cleaning performance and low running costs.

Notable internal features

  • Given that the 400077 is a heavy duty washer designed to handle frequent, heavily soiled loads, the washer is endowed with rotating washing arms and a high-powered wash pump for professional washing results.
  • The 400077 has a built-in pressure boiler that increases the temperature of incoming 50°C water to guarantee a minimum rinsing temperature of 82°C for a sanitising rinse. No external booster is required.
  • With a multi-rack design that accommodates three types of racks, the 400077 offers the utmost in flexibility to accommodate whatever pots, pans or dishes you use in your kitchen.
  • Electrolux Professional has cleverly incorporated a Soft Start feature, which protects more delicate items from the sudden start of a cycle.
  • One of our favourite features is the four-second (variable) pause after washing and before rinsing. This ensures that no drops of unclean water contaminate clean items at the end of the rinsing cycle.

Simple to onboard and maintain

The 400077 is a low-maintenance dishwasher with a fully automatic self-cleaning cycle to eliminate the risk of bacteria proliferation. Easy-to-remove wash/rinse arms also help to make cleaning a breeze.

A simple control panel with digital display allows for on-site customisation of washing and rinsing cycle times and temperatures, as well as precise rinse aid and detergent quantities to suit customer’s needs.

The 400077 is equipped with a drain pump for easy and quick installation without opening the machine.

We’re about to take delivery of a limited quantity of 400077 Electrolux Professional undercounter dishwashers at our Brisbane warehouse for distribution Australia-wide. Reserve your machine without delay by calling 1300 RICHARD (742 427).