The Electrolux Professional Dryer Advantage

Richard Jay’s roots trace back to coin laundries, and as the industry evolves into cashless and vended laundry stores, we understand the significance of selecting the right products to drive return traffic and enhance customer satisfaction. That’s why we proudly supply Electrolux Professional dryers in the competitive vend store arena.

Electrolux Professional also enjoys a global reputation in On-Premise Laundry solutions, dominating this space with innovative and reliable products. These dryers are built to stand the test of time, boasting an impressive lifespan of 30,000 cycles. To put it into perspective, that’s equivalent to 8 cycles per day for 10 years, three times longer than commercial dryers and ten times longer than most domestic dryers.

Here’s the top eight features that distinguish Electrolux Professional dryers and contribute to their exceptional performance:

  1. Axial Airflow
    Electrolux dryers utilise axial airflow technology to eliminate the “skirting” of heated air around the drum, significantly reducing energy costs. In comparison, cheaper brands employ radial airflow, which consumes 20% more energy.
  2. Reversing Drums
    Reversing drums enhance drying efficiency by breaking up wet and dry areas, resulting in up to 7 minutes faster drying times. This technology also prevents the “balling/knotting” of large items, improving operator efficiency while reducing maintenance.
  3. Magnetic Door Lock
    Electrolux dryers feature a magnetic door lock, offering a maintenance-free and user-friendly experience.
  4. Lint Draw
    Available on specific models, the lint draw quickens cleaning times and enhances drying performance.
  5. Dual Front Roller and Rear Shaft Support System
    This support system reduces maintenance requirements, ensuring best-in-class reliability.
  6. Residual Moisture Control
    Available on all single-pocket dryers, this feature stops the drying process when laundry reaches the desired moisture content, saving energy and improving results while extending fabric life.
  7. Damper Adjustment
    Select models allow fine adjustment according to static back pressure, maximising evaporation per kW/MJ and reducing energy consumption, regardless of ducting design.
  8. Low Parts Cost
    Electrolux Professional products come with premium support, offering affordable parts and low associated maintenance costs after the warranty period, ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.

Electrolux Professional dryers cater to a diverse range of segments, including:

  • On-Premise Laundries (OPLs)
    OPLs trust Electrolux Professional for its proven performance and low maintenance requirements. Businesses understand that the slightly higher upfront cost of this premium brand is a long-term investment. Features like Residual Moisture Control and Reversing Drums are particularly valued.
  • Vended Laundry Stores
    Vended laundry stores are experiencing significant growth, with customers appreciating the premium Electrolux experience. Richard Jay stocks four dedicated dryer models for this segment, with 17 and 24 kg stack dryers being the most popular.
  • Multi-Housing
    The multi-housing segment is transitioning from commercial to industrial platforms, with a focus on longer replacement windows and faster drying times. The extreme energy efficiency of heat pump dryers is gaining popularity in this segment.
  • Facility Management
    Many facilities opt to clean mops and microfiber cloths on-site for a more hygienic and sustainable approach to cleaning.
  • Wet Cleaning
    Wet cleaning, with its eco-friendly stance, is gaining popularity due to its use of biodegradable chemicals. Electrolux pioneers this technology, offering industry-leading solutions backed by market-leading experts.

At Richard Jay, we take pride in supplying Electrolux Professional dryers as the premium choice for businesses seeking quality, efficiency, and long-term value. Our commitment to delivering the best laundry solutions aligns perfectly with Electrolux’s reputation for excellence. For more information on the Electrolux Dryer models that we supply, click HERE.