The case for upgrading your old commercial dishwasher


Having a high-performing dishwasher is critical to the success of any restaurant, bar or café. There’s nothing more off-putting to customers than lipstick on a glass or a mug with a ring around the bottom.


To maintain standards and avoid negative reviews, your plates, glassware and crockery must be spotless and sparkling at all times – and there must be enough of them to go around!


That said, it’s easy to get used to a sub-par dishwasher over time and forget how much easier life is when things just work.


Your dishwasher will handle a lot of loads during its lifetime, often humming along from open to close. No wonder they’re subject to wear, tear and breakdowns as they age.


Maybe yours has stopped draining properly. Perhaps it leaves your glassware cloudy or your dishes emerge dirtier than when they went in. If you’re noticing issues like this,

it’s not worth your while to keep repairing it. Experts say the average dishwasher lasts for approximately three years before wear and tear sets in.


Upgrading to a new commercial dishwasher is easier and much more cost-effective than you think. Each year, dishwasher technology gets better. It’s a competitive market and all the manufacturers are focused on delivering optimum cleaning results at reduced prices.


While the cost of the machine may be slightly higher, the difference is marginal considering what a high-quality, ultra-durable commercial dishwasher will deliver in the long run.


Perhaps the best thing about upgrading to a new commercial dishwasher is that you don’t have to worry about the upfront cost. Richard Jay’s Capital Plus solution gives your business access to brand-new machinery and breakdown servicing for one regular monthly payment.


Call Richard Jay to discuss how you can upgrade to a new commercial dishwasher with no capital outlay.

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