Still using coin-operated machinery? Now’s the time to swap to a safe, clean alternative.

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As the world continues to focus on hygiene more than ever, going cashless is a great way of providing your customers with maximum cleanliness and peace of mind.

Cash might be king, but as the world adapts to life with COVID-19, coins and notes represent a source of germs that can no longer be ignored. Instead, a range of businesses – from laundromats and holiday parks to hotels, resorts and student accommodation – are all shifting to cashless payment systems.

With multiple media outlets claiming 2020 will be the year we say goodbye to coins, customers are no longer carrying cash. Instead, they expect the safety and convenience of a tap-and-go system – forcing many businesses to be innovative and change the way they take payment.

Here at Richard Jay we’re helping businesses across Australia transition from traditional coin-op laundry machines to e-CleanPay – sophisticated, simple and easy-to-implement payment technology that’s removing the cash barrier in our ever-increasing cashless society.

Along with enabling zero-touch payments that help your customers feel safe in the current climate, e-CleanPay also offers functionality that lets you keep a customer register – meaning you can easily comply with the strict COVID-19 business regulations. The register is activated by simply enabling a SMS reminder feature – letting your customers use your laundry facility then leave and receive a SMS to let them know their wash is done, whilst you obtain a detailed log that means you can get in touch with them if required.

Whilst minimising the spread of germs is priority #1 at the moment, the benefits of e-CleanPay extend beyond that. Richard Jay clients have reported increased revenue since the implementation of e-CleanPay in their laundromats, hotels and student accommodation, as a result of increased ease-of-use and customer experience.

The ongoing benefits of e-CleanPay include:

  •     Zero-touch payments
  •     Secure
  •     Easy to install
  •     Affordable
  •     Promo codes can target new customers

Here at Richard Jay we’re making it easy for our customers to switch to e-CleanPay, with no lock-in contracts, no account set-up fees and minimal registration requirements.

If your business is ready to make the move, contact us today.