Small-chassis machines and your business

Small-chassis machines and your business

When it comes to choosing the small-chassis machine that’s right for your business, it’s important to understand the options available.

With the quality of your wash impacting your end-customer’s experience and the wider perception of your business (and therefore your own bottom line), it’s also crucial to know exactly what you need from a washer. Is hygiene your number one concern? Is infection control at the top of your list? Or do you need the ultimate performer in efficiency and speed? At Richard Jay, we undertake a laundry audit for all our clients at the start of the buying process – meaning we can get a really good understanding of your business and laundry requirements, and you can home in on the type of washer that’s right for you.

How do small chassis commercial washers help small businesses?
Small chassis commercial washers are purpose-designed for small businesses that process many small loads. Like all commercial washers, they are hardy with a capital H, with a reinforced drum, powerful motor and a strong external structure. With these powerful motors and durable construction, small chassis commercial washers are programmed with faster cycles that don’t compromise on efficiency. As a business, you can power through many loads in a day to keep up with demand.  Compared to domestic washers, industrial washers are built to last, with a designed life of 30000 cycles – that’s an impressive 8 cycles per day for 10 years.

What about hygiene and infection control?
As a business owner, it’s your duty to meet official Australian Standards when it comes to infection control, and many small-chassis commercial washers are specifically designed to achieve these government-regulated standards of thermal disinfection. The Electrolux small chassis range in-particular includes internal heating elements that mean they can meet the Australian standards for thermal disinfection, and has the option of efficient dosing systems (EDS) for cycle validation reporting – delivering peace of mind to you and your end-customers, every time.

We asked our laundry experts to recommend their top 3 Electrolux small chassis commercial washers for small business:

If you need tailored advice for your small business’s laundry needs, our experts are always on hand to assist.