Brightwell Q10 Remote Dose Laundry Pump

Brightwell Dispensing

Quantura Q10+ Remote Dose is Brightwell Dispensers’ single peristaltic pump system for dosing one chemical to top load laundry units

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  • Full load and half load button activation
  • LED’s to indicate pump status: green – full load wash, yellow
  • Adjustable lock out time (2–60 minutes), red LED light illuminates when locked out to prevent overdosing
  • Adjustable full load run time (1–180 seconds)
  • Adjustable pump delay time (0–20 minutes), LED light flashes to indicate that it is in delay mode
  • Optional prime feature
  • The Q10+ can be used for dishwash dosing, when the remote is removed, allowing timed, speed and probe mode option
  • Easy fit, plug and play handset with 5m cord
  • Relay mode operation when the handset is not connected
  • Every pump is pre-wired to reduce installation time
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