Richard Jay Teams Up with Tolon to Deliver Industrial Excellence

Richard Jay is excited to announce its partnership with Tolon, a global leader renowned for its innovation and durability in industrial laundry equipment.

Established in 1937, Tolon focusses on servicing industrial laundries who demand the most robust equipment, and their reliable range is well known for low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Richard Jay’s pursuit of providing premier solutions that align with our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.Tolon’s ethos resonates with Richard Jay’s core values, emphasising not just efficiency but a deep-rooted commitment to customer-centric innovation. Their expertise and track record in providing durable, state-of-the-art industrial laundry equipment make them an ideal partner for Richard Jay, enabling a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into Australian markets.

Expanded Industrial Equipment Offering for High-Volume Industrial Laundries
Through this collaboration, Richard Jay proudly introduces the following premium Tolon industrial laundry equipment to its range & focussed on providing a full solution to commercial laundries.

Offering maximum efficiency for commercial laundries who demand reliability & low cost of maintenance in facilities often running multiple shifts per day.
TWE40 – Tolon Industrial Washer, 360G, 40KG
TWE60 – Tolon Industrial Washer, 360G, 60KG
TWE110 – Tolon Industrial Washer, 360G, 110KG

Standard with sliding doors & infa-red humidity sensing, these high output industrial machines are designed to minimise time & energy consumption.
TTD40 – Tolon Industrial Dryer, 40KG
TTD60 – Tolon Industrial Dryer, 60KG
TTD110 – Tolon Industrial Dryer, 110KG

These high output ironing lines are suited to laundries processing 200KG to 1000KG per hour, with flexible chests & thermal oil, these robust machines are designed to minimise labour & gas consumption.
TF5 – Tolon Manual Feeder
TF7 – Tolon Automatic Feeder, Available in 3 or 4 Stations
TI5 – Tolon Flatwork Ironer, Available in 800 & 1200mm Diameter
TX3 / TXW3 – Tolon Automatic Folder

Towel Folder
Automating the folding of high volumes of towels is critical in saving labour & providing uniformity to commercial laundries. Not only does this machine have an output of over 900 towels per hour, it sorts & provides an inventory count.
TTF200 – Tolon Towel Folder, 900 to 1250 Towels Per Hour

If you’re looking to grow your industrial laundry and maximise on efficiency and space, call the team at Richard Jay on 1300 742 427, we can help advise what Tolon products will best suit your needs.