Richard Jay Selected for Healthcare Facility Upgrade on Thursday Island

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a recent installation project at a healthcare facility located on Thursday Island. Richard Jay was chosen as the trusted partner for this important upgrade to our client’s laundry equipment.

Our client, who operates a facility that services a hospital, was seeking a new equipment solution that would increase the quality of their wash, deliver energy savings and drive operational efficiency. 

For this project, the facility opted for our highly acclaimed WH6-27 Electrolux Industrial Washers, with 27KG capacity each, along with 03 x TD6-37 Electrolux Industrial Dryers featuring Axial Airflow, with a capacity of 37KG. 

The WH6-27 comes equipped with our cutting-edge Clarus Vibe controller. With a user-friendly 7-inch touch display, this advanced controller simplifies operation and allows reporting data to be downloaded via USB. The new controller notifies operators of faults & how to rectify, significantly reducing the need for on-site technician visits, particularly critical for remote locations like Thursday Island.

The TD6-37 dryers boast Axial Airflow technology, which outperforms older radial airflow dryers by minimising “skirting” issues. This innovation not only saves over 20% energy but also promotes optimal evaporation for better drying efficiency.

We are proud to have successfully delivered this installation, providing our client with upgraded laundry equipment that meets their needs for improved performance, energy savings, and enhanced operational efficiency.