Richard Jay Leads the Way in Modern Laundromats

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation and convenience are at the forefront of every successful business. Recently, one of our valued customers decided to embark on a journey of modernisation and customer satisfaction that will leave a lasting impression.

They opened their very first laundry store with us last month. It’s not your average neighbourhood laundromat – it’s a state-of-the-art facility equipped with Electrolux industrial washers and dryers, set in a beautifully designed, modern space.

Going Cashless and Beyond
In an era where digital transactions are becoming the norm, this forward-thinking laundry store took the step of going 100% cashless. But that’s not all; they went the extra mile to ensure the best possible customer experience. How did they do it? They turned to JayChem‘s cutting-edge Auto Dosing System along with Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning system, to deliver efficient, effective high end laundry care.

Catering to Special Needs with Wet Cleaning
While the laundry industry has seen remarkable advancements, there are always those delicate items that need special care – items that simply can’t be processed in domestic appliances or in bulk laundry loads. To cater to this niche and provide a comprehensive service, this store chose Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care (LAC) wet cleaning solution as an added back-of-house service.

The Lagoon Advanced Care system by Electrolux is designed to handle delicate and sensitive fabrics, providing a gentle yet thorough cleaning process that ensures the longevity of these precious garments. By offering wet cleaning services, this store is not just meeting customer demands but exceeding them.

Behind the Scenes – Installation and Future Plans
Achieving all of this required the expertise of professionals. During the installation process, Richard Jay’s in-house technician Jack along with Craig from Egan Electrical, were on-site to ensure everything ran smoothly. Their dedication and skill were instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

And the best part? This customer is thrilled with the outcome of their first vend store, and they’re not stopping there. Two more stores are already in the pipeline for completion in the coming months.

Equipment Rundown
Here’s a quick look at the impressive lineup of equipment that makes this laundromat a game-changer:

Vend Equipment:
• 01 x WN6-9 – Electrolux Industrial Washers, 9KG
• 02 x WN6-14 – Electrolux Industrial Washers, 14KG
• 02 x WN6-20 – Electrolux Industrial Washers, 20KG
• 01 x WN6-28 – Electrolux Industrial Washer, 28KG
• 02 x TD6-17S – Electrolux Industrial Stack Dryer, Reversing Drum, 17KG
• 01 x TD6-24S – Electrolux Industrial Stack Dryer, Reversing Drum, 24KG
• 01 x TD6-37 – Electrolux Industrial Dryer, Reversing Drum, 37KG
• 01 x WL8 – Brightwell 8 Pump Auto Dosing System
• 11 x ONYX – Nayax Cashless Payment Devices

Wet Cleaning Equipment:
• 01 x WH6-6 – Electrolux Industrial Washer, LAC, 6KG
• 01 x TD6-7 – Electrolux Industrial Dryer, LAC, 7KG
• 01 x Genus S – Pony Wet Cleaning Finishing Table
• 01 x WL4 – Brightwell 4 Pump Auto Dosing System

As this laundry store continues to innovate and exceed customer expectations, it serves as a shining example of what’s possible when industry leaders like Richard Jay work together with clients to create a truly modern and customer-centric laundry experience.