Going strong 6 years on: Richard Jay & Orange Sky

Richard Jay and Orange Sky

At Richard Jay, we’re committed to supporting the community the best way we know how. We’re so proud to be a founding partner of Orange Sky – the world’s first free mobile laundry in a van for people experiencing homelessness.

Richard Jay first teamed up with Orange Sky back in 2014. We agreed to come on board because we know how wearing clean clothes can make a genuine difference to a person’s state of mind.
It may seem like a small thing, but we’ve seen for ourselves how freshly laundered clothes can make a person feel a little bit brighter as they move through the world.

Richard Jay and Orange Sky

We couldn’t have done it without LG Commercial

For this very special purpose, LG Commercial stepped in to equip Orange Sky with 65 washing machines and 65 dryers.
Now these aren’t just any old washing machines. We’re talking some of the best commercial-grade washers and dryers in the industry. High-performance machines with direct drive motors and superior water efficiency.

Orange Sky often reports back about how crucial these hard-working machines have been to the cause, given how much washing the charity does each week.

Lucas Patchett, who’s the co-founder of Orange Sky, told us recently that our LG machines have so far processed 1.6m kg of washing. That’s 8000kg every week!

Richard Jay was also proud to donate numerous dispensers for both laundry liquid and hand sanitiser to support Orange Sky’s 1800 volunteers.

Visit www.orangesky.org.au to learn more about their incredible work